Devotional 7/23

The word of the Lord came to Abram saying “Fear not, I am thy shield and thy exceeding great reward”. Genesis 15:1

God rewards the faithful who, amid their circumstances continued to believe in his wisdom, mercy and power instead of questioning His reasons. 

Abraham is known as the father of the faith, for the Jews, the Muslim and also the Christians. God graced Abraham with favor and with protection. If you read his story, you would see he went through a lot at a very old age (you should read it). When God makes him a promise to make him a father of many nation, he was 75 years old. After MANY years pass, Abraham sees no signs of the promise come to pass. God promised that he would have a son from his own loins and his seed would be as numerous as the stars in the night sky. Abraham and Sarah believed God, and I supposed had a lot of sex to make it happen, but it did not happen. Sarah, if you are familiar with story, gets a bright idea and allows her servant to lay with Abraham and by custom this child would become their own.

God made him the promise, and MANY years passed before anything happened. God continued speaking to Abraham, concerning prophetic events that would occur in the future. He spoke to him about the slavery the Israelites would endure for 400 years, and also about the Promise land that would belong to Israel. In the main scripture above (Genesis 15:1), God reminded Abraham that His faithfulness came with a reward, and this was actually 10 years after the lord had made the promise when he was 75 years old. Another 10 years pass, and God tells Abraham and Sarah that Ishmael is not the promised child, that the child would come from Sarah’s womb. Abraham is now 100 years old!!!! And still no promise child. 

Does God’s timing make you think that He has forgotten about you? Or that He has changed His mind? Have you ever considered that God is playing games with your life and emotions? Or maybe that you can alter the situation and change God’s plans? I’ve actually experienced the first 3, and I do not want to experience the fourth! God does this to most of the people in the Bible, and He does this seemingly cruel thing to us as well. God likes to wait until it is impossible, so that He would be the Only One to get the Glory! God does not share His glory with anyone. And then on top of waiting 20 years + for the promised child, God asks Abraham to offer him as a sacrifice. God will test us throughout the entire journey, and He will see if we remain firm on our beliefs, faithful to Him. Maybe you haven’t received God’s promise yet, but I think you should set in your mind that if God asks for it back you would have no problem doing so. Content with it, content without it. Either way God did supply Abraham a ram, in order for him to offer the sacrifice.

Abraham and Sarah had Isaac, but remember Ishmael? Abraham has 2 sons, Ishmael and Isaac. The Muslim believe Ishmael was the promised son, but it was in fact Isaac, which the Jews and the Christians believe. Abraham had Isaac, who was the father of Jacob (Israel) and the lineage went on and on all through King David, and then Jesus The Christ. And today we are here, because of that promise God made Abraham. So God will keep His end of the bargain, your faith just has to be present like Abraham’s was. Remain faithful, even if you are not perfect; keep sowing seeds of love and good works, so that your fruit will grow and glorify God, as you wait for God’s promises to arrive. 

Instead of praying Today, I’ll leave you with a gospel song titled “It’s working“:

This is my season, for grace, for favor/ This is my season, to reap what I have sown/ I haven’t been perfect but I sure been faithful/ God’s got a purpose and I know He’s able/ ive got a seed in the ground, that he’s blessing no more stressing/ I’ve got a seed in the ground, now I know it, and it’s showing/ 

This is my season, for grace, for favor/ This is my season, to reap what I have sown/ everything is working together for my good, it don’t feel good but it’s working for my good/ it’s working for my good/ Go ahead and prophesy, God is leaning in my direction/ and I don’t care what your circumstance says, it’s already getting better

May it be so, in Jesus name. Amen! 


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