Devotional 7/31

The Lord your God …will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17

God delights in you, as a parent delights in their children’s first words and baby steps.

I was thinking about my friends from junior high and high school, and it makes me so happy that many of us have come to know Jesus now. When I first became a Christian, I know that a lot of people were shocked that I had given my life to Jesus; but now most of those same people are taking their first steps in Christ. And I think that’s pretty amazing. I decided to write a letter to my younger self, in attempts to counsel those of you who have started walking in this Christian walk. There are some things, nobody ever told me- and I hope that when you read this, you can give thanks to God for the heads up. And in Jesus name, I pray you understand it. God bless you, love you. 

Dear Frances,

God bless you my beautiful, honey boo boo, child. You are so amazing, and very strong! I love you and I want you to know that! And girl, do I miss you. You’ve changed a lot over the course of the years, and sometimes you wonder if you even like the changes but you will be grateful trust me! God has done a mighty work in you. Yes, you accepted Christ a few years ago, I know but now you gave him your life so I just want to give you a heads up about a few things that would help you in this walk.

I know right now, you are extremely joyful for knowing God and having his Holy Spirit. All the things God has spoken to you, and revealed to you- I know you are in love. And that’s number one right here. Do your best to keep your love for God alive. Fight for your relationship with Him at all costs, it does not matter who leaves or hurts you, church will disappoint you and you will definitely make a few mistakes in your process towards perfection; but keep you and God alive. He is literally your ride or die. As far as God is concerned you are righteous because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. He died once and for all, do not let anybody impose on you to keep the law because the Galatians fell out of grace with that bright idea. And before it slips my mind, you will not agree with church doctrines… just make sure you know the word for yourself. And stay planted where God places you, submit to your pastors and leaders and feed the flock like Jesus told Peter to do. This is where you will mature and be commissioned like Paul and Barnabas; they were part of a church and then were sent out as missionaries.

I also want to tell you about church and church life. For starters church people, are just like the world’s people: IMPERFECT. It’s possible that they deceive, betray, slander, envy or manipulate you, this is all possible. Give your tithes to the church  and congregate regularly as the bible commands, but do not make an idol of anyone in the church (or outside of it of course.). It does not matter how much they care about you, how knowledgeable they are, how God uses them, or how much they help you- they are people, and very imperfect people at that. Also you should know that some people are meant to be in your life forever, others only for a season- so be open to this too. I know you fall in love with people’s souls, but do your best to only enjoy the time you have with these people for however long it’s set for. Some people are chosen to be catalysts in your transformation and destiny, like Judas. Without Judas, Jesus would have never saved us- without some bad friends you wouldn’t be where God wants you to be. Judas was chosen, for that specific task! Oh, and girlfriend choose to forgive everyone as soon as you feel any type of offence. You will save yourself a lot of suffering, and you will also avoid hurting others unintentionally and stunted growth! Read His word just as you do, and do not worry about preaching on an altar or anybody recognizing your devotion, to Him or others. God recognizes you more than you can even imagine and focus on preaching in the streets because that is where you belong. You should know from now that you receive power and joy which is your strength when you serve God, do not allow church systems to drain your desire to serve.  And about your friends, if they’re ever in sin- just pray for them, love them and if you need to separate yourself for a bit, well then do so. But always strengthen your peoples, those who refresh others will be refreshed!

Your identity is in God, do not exchange your SELF for anything or anyone. I know you love music, and the arts, and mercy but do not act out or be like the world- remember God is your creator and He is holy. I know you like to test the waters, and push buttons just for fun but pray for wisdom, which starts with having reverence for God! As far as tattoos, piercings, dying your hair and skinny jeans, etc., God looks at the heart, but like I said God is holy. Be careful to not be deceived by your merciful heart, into liberalism. And you know, I want to remind you to keep praying for your family. Your parents, your brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles and your grandmother too. Even if they do not seem to be saved, they are part of the promise. You and your household shall be saved, you will live alone eventually so try not to be frustrated, because when God releases you to live alone you will see His promises for them. And the promises are going to be accelerated, so much that you will have to catch up if you do not stay ready!!! So stay ready, guard your testimony Jesus can come at anytime, and even you can go to Him faster than a New York minute. God knows which decisions you will be making, so keep praying for wisdom and discernment too. And keep getting to know God, keep waiting and listening to Him to see what He says or brings to mind after you pray. And baby girl, make sure you praise Him at all times- even the hard times- just like when mama passed away and you praise danced in the bathroom. Your spirit is united with God now, and you should recognize that He loves when you live a life of praise, no matter what.

As far as your husband, kids and career… girl it’s been a long time coming. But God already told you that Jonathan is your husband, and well by faith you are still believing. As far as your career, your character is still being perfected so keep learning and keep pushing. Your team will come, just make sure you keep up with each correction God brings into your life. And do not be anxious my love, God knows all of your needs and He will supply. Use all of your talents, and spend yourself YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, and then for eternity in heaven … or in hell. Be wise mama, even if it seems that God promised you so much and it feels like a game of empty promises, believe Him because He is faithful. God is not playing with your heart, He just has His own timing: like with Abraham, Joseph, King David, and Jesus Christ himself- they waited a LONG time for their promises. But God did what He said He would do.

God bless you baby… stay saved, stay free.

Love you bunches, Frances





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