Devotional 8/5

Submit to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will come to you. Job 22:21

God knows the desires of our hearts

Does God delight in you? As a youth mentor, I have experienced delighting in my young people. When I see them grow in the secular. Whether it is getting their first job, their first paycheck, passing their exams, going to the next grade or graduating from high school and college. Parents delight in their kids! They enjoy what they do, when they open their eyes for the first time, a smile, taking their first steps or their first words, right? Parents enjoy seeing their children excel in school, becoming engaged or getting married, they celebrate their kids lives. Somehow the work they put in into their development, is manifested and brings them joy. And when we see these children mature into adulthood, parents delight in their kids obedience, and doing the right things usually following their good counsel. Excelling in life, brings their name honor; it gives them a good name. In the same name God delights in us when we honor him with love. God does not want a law keeping type of love offering, God wants His love for us to transform us from glory to glory. Our response to God’s love is proven in hard times, do you serve God out of your love for Him? Are you after God’s will or are you after your own names glory? Are you obeying God because of your own ambitions and achievements, or because you want to gain someone’s respect? These are just questions I’m posing so that we can think about our own hearts intentions. Some people fail to look into their own hearts and can’t figure out why God has them going through the same things again and again.

If our parents were imperfect, as abusive parents, neglectful or even envious of us… remember God chose them to be your parents. And He says I will never forget you, as a mother never forgets her child, but even if your parents forsake you – I will never leave you. Sometimes it’s challenging for believers, and unbelievers alike to believe and receive Gods love, because of their parents on earth. But I want you to know that God delights in you. Everything you do in life that is right, He enjoys you. As a babe in Christ, God enjoys your first and second baby steps.


  • Please someone greatly;
  • Charm, thrill, bring pleasure, give pleasure or joy, make or be happy

Once we begin to mature, God expects more from us. Even in our mistakes, and tantrums, God is enjoying the new seasons He brings us through. We can never, we cannot ever, earn God’s love. We should not try!! To clarify we aren’t forced to love God, and once you feel this way please pray for your heart because God can, and will, help your heart. God cannot work in proud or bitter hearts, He can use the person, but he cannot change them into His image and likeness with a serious heart condition as such. God is a good God, and these heart conditions will then contaminate our minds to believing otherwise. But when you have the right perception of God, you will learn to delight Him with your life. And He will bring you those things you desire to manifest in your life! For example, God says that he will give us the desires of our hearts, when we delight in him.This means us receiving from God is an ongoing process of delighting in Him.

God is only as limited as our hearts are. The bible says that God considered the Israelites rebelled against him, when they complained. He said on the day of rebellion, they hardened their hearts. And still God supplied their needs with bread from heaven and fresh water, but I can imagine that God did not give them more of their preference because of the attitude in their hearts. Let’s aim to live a life which pleases God, not one which rebels against Him.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, loving father, oh how you love us! Your love is so relentless, comforting and strengthening. Help us to keep an attitude of gratitude, so that those dreams in our hearts may unfold according to your plan and purpose. May we continue to press forward expressing our love for you by having faith, hope and love for others. May we do all that we do for you with love, knowing you will receive glory and so that your name would be praised. May our audience always be you, and may we be less of us to be more of you. In Jesus name, Amen.
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