Devotional 8/8

But you’re our living Father, our Redeemer, famous from eternity! Why, God, did you make us wander from your ways? Why did you make us cold and stubborn so that we no longer worshiped you in awe? Turn back for the sake of your servants. You own us! We belong to you! For a while your holy people had it good, but now our enemies have wrecked your holy place. For a long time now, you’ve paid no attention to us. It’s like you never knew us. Isaiah 63:17

Have you ever been mad at God?

How do you see yourself and your life? Is it a joyful, and happy experience, or are you exhausted, feeling trapped and struggling? You see God is a good God, but He will process us to the point where we no longer have the heart or strength to serve Him. Sometimes He allows us to be broken enough that we no longer desire Him. He does this so that can know our own hearts, our true nature and convictions. So that we will come to the realization that we need Him. Until we cannot live without God, we don’t quite love Him the way He wants us to love Him. Our love for God is proven in obedience. Obedience to worship, obedience to sacrifice of praise, obedience to His word, both good times and hard times. This is why God describes His church as the bride, and He as the groom. When a man and woman decide to get get married, the vows usually go: “Do you promise to love him/her to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you apart?” 

We can all say yes, I do! Until life proves your words to be true or false! I was saying yesterday, that we can spend years as a Christian and not have revelation of God’s character. We can have intimacy with God, but there is always more.. The same way we can know a person, and not truly know them until we live with them; and even then, we still can never fully know anyone. Yes, there are different facets, characteristics and mannerisms of God that we know today personally, but there is always more to God than we could ever conform to.I have seen lately a lot of my family in Christ, in the same bitter place I was this time last year. Feeling forgotten and abandoned by God, angry and questioning His love for me. I even sit from time to time and rebuke the devil when He tells me I was not supposed to be a Christian, imagine that. God does not lead us to divert from His path, we choose to by not taking control of our minds. He does give us more than we can carry, so that we would depend on Him to make it through!

We can become weary and lose the desire to persevere through challenging circumstances or be led by our flesh into worldly goals and ideas. We can get distracted by many things, but we need to fight to see God in the correct way at all times. The devil is after your faith, if he cam get you to think of God in a negative… let’s just say it will be detrimental to your faith. The enemy can easily contaminate our view of God and we alone will be led us into a sinful lifestyle. See one of the things the Jews thought concerning God was that ‘He was far off, and could not see them” (book of Ezekiel). Believing God could not see them gave them a license to adopt sinful lifestyles, worshipping other gods and living like the Pagan countries around them. Today some people mentioned in the book of Jude, speak about people who used God’s grace to live lascivious lives. Lascivia is a fruit of the carnal mind, the flesh which is overly desirous of pleasure. There is not limitation or respect for authority in matter of lascivia. The Bible uses lust, and wantonness as other terms for it. Wantonness is exactly what it sounds like, people who want and want and want: self control is rejected, and the mind therefore becomes reprobate giving in to all its pleasures. Remember this is not limited to sex, it depends on what the person wants. Today we see people who will reject God because they say, ‘if God is so good, then why does He allow bad things to happen?‘.

These things can happen to believers, when and if we do not exercise self control over our mind and flesh. When we allow ourselves to be overtaken without a fight, pride sets in and God will stand far off. And we find ourselves like the Israelites saying God why did you make me rebel, why do you allow our enemies to attack us, why do you not deliver us. When in reality what God wants is for us to come to ourselves, like the prodigal son. Th

The Bible tells us in Jude, to build up our faith in the Holy Spirit. This is our responsibility, not the pastors, not the elders, not our brothers and sisters. If you feel that you are beginning to focus on your battles and struggles more than on God, remember build your faith in that area. If you feel that God is trying you unfairly, has forgotten about you or is ignoring… don’t become hardhearted and stiff-necked… build up your faith.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, as life goes on we encounter so many things out of our control that we really think giving up is the best choice. Other times life’s battles and tests wear us out, and we lose sight of the purpose. And quite often as I’ve seen lord, we hurt so bad we develop cold hearts and build walls in an attempt to protect ourselves. Help us all today to see you the right way, that we may remember you are for us and not against us. Remind us of your unfailing relentless love and show us glimpses of the future that we may encouraged. Help those who have been waiting, or battling the same battle for so long by renewing their strength. May they receive new insight about their process, and what it takes to get to the other side. Bring healthy relationships into our lives, and instill in us a right spirit. May you hide us in the cleft of the rock, so that our hearts may remain and become pure. And allow us not to rebel against you, but to please you in our lives of worship. In Jesus name, Amen.


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