Devotional 8/17

Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favor her, yea, the set time, is come. Psalm 102:13

Declare by faith because God will make it happen in His set time.

The bible has many instances, throughout it’s entirety where despair is prevalent. The people of Israel have suffered greatly, because of their own decisions, of course… but I also understand their exasperation. God will remember us? God will you help us? God please act! When we are troubled or in pain, we turn to God and to people, in hopes that we may receive some sort of comfort. And like many of the Psalms, we too, begin with complaining or grief or vengeance, and end up in sacrifices of praise, worship and prophetic declarations. 

This moves God, because God is moved by faith. Coming to God with anything, demonstrates your faith. God will not reject a humble and contrite spirit. And praising God shows Him that you are humbled before Him, that you are grateful to Him, and that you believe in Him. Praising despite how you feel, shows God that your faith and appreciation of what He has done, does not depend on your emotional feelings (sadness, despair, confusion) or physical feelings (pain, tension or exhaustion). Despite of what you are seeing with your physical eyes, I would advise you as I have learned myself, to praise God in sickness, and in health. Praise God when you are happy, and when you are sad. Praise God when something goes wrong, and when things go right. Praise is giving God the thank you He deserves, for what He has done, for what He is doing right now and for what He will do. Worship is exalting God for who He is; for what you know Him for (Jehovah Nissi, the Light of the World, Comforter, etc.). These are sometimes interchangeable, but I just wanted to differentiate the two.

Another aspect that is important, which is seen throughout the Psalms and the bible in general, is the word of our testimony. The word of our testimony is what we have overcome by God’s grace- but it is also what we CHOOSE to speak (declare) based on what we believe about God, or what we have experienced with Him. For example, I can declare: “God will heal me, because the bible says He is Jehovah Rapha, our healer! And God is my healer, He has healed me before (or someone I know) and I know He can do it again”. ALELUYA! (We are not ordering God around, we simply speak by faith and this moves God.)

  • evidence or proof provided by the existence or appearance of something
  • a formal written or spoken statement, especially one given in a court of law; statement, evidence, sworn  attestation, affidavit 
  • a public recounting of a religious conversion or experience; witness
  • word of a person who sees an event, typically a crime or accident, take place; observer, onlookereyewitness, spectator, viewerwatcher
  • give or serve as evidence of; testify to

Psalm 102

Hear my prayer, Lordlet my cry for help come to you. Do not hide your face from me when I am in distress. Turn your ear to me; when I call, answer me quickly. For my days vanish like smoke; my bones burn like glowing embers. My heart is blighted and withered like grass; I forget to eat my food. 

In my distress I groan aloud and am reduced to skin and bones. I am like a desert owl, like an owl among the ruins. I lie awake; I have become like a bird alone on a roof. All day long my enemies taunt me; those who rail against me use my name as a curse. For I eat ashes as my food and mingle my drink with tears because of your great wrath, for you have taken me up and thrown me aside. My days are like the evening shadow; I wither away like grass. 

But you, Lord, sit enthroned forever; your renown endures through all generations. 

You will arise and have compassion on Zion, for it is time to show favor to her; the appointed time has come. For her stones are dear to your servants; her very dust moves them to pity. The nations will fear the name of the Lord, all the kings of the earth will revere your glory. For the Lord will rebuild Zion and appear in his glory. He will respond to the prayer of the destitute; he will not despise their plea. 

Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the Lord“The Lord looked down from his sanctuary on high, from heaven he viewed the earth, to hear the groans of the prisoners and release those condemned to death.” 

So the name of the Lord will be declared in Zion and his praise in Jerusalem when the peoples and the kingdoms assemble to worship the Lord. In the course of my life he broke my strength; he cut short my days. So I said: “Do not take me away, my God, in the midst of my days; your years go on through all generations. In the beginning you laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands. They will perish, but you remain; they will all wear out like a garment. Like clothing you will change them  and they will be discarded. But you remain the same, and your years will never end. The children of your servants will live in your presence; their descendants will be established before you.” 

Let’s pray:

Lord God, eternal father, thank you for your word. Thank you that we can come to you with the truth, and not some Academy Award winning performance! I am grateful that you are not like humans, you make no assumptions and you do not get tired. We can always come before you, freely and boldly, and we can receive mercy and to receive strength. I thank you because you are good, even if sometimes we may feel that life is not good. I thank you that you have taught us to thank you, and have not forgotten you past benefits, recognizing that your mercy is new everyday. Acknowledging that we are alive, and are blessed to be alive; even if the enemy tells us differently. Thank you for life, health, ability and agility ion our bodies, thank you for food and clean water, thank you for employment and finances, thank you for those people who show us love in word and in action, thank you for relationships. You are so good, forgive us all if we are ever overcome by hopelessness, or despair. May we always remember that you will turn it all around at your set time. Declaring you have a set time for us all, just like you promised Jerusalem, just like you created Eve for Adam in it’s set time; just like you set an appointed time for Abraham and Sarah to birth Isaac, and a set time for Joseph to be released from jail. I receive my set time, yes Lord! In Jesus name, Amen!

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