Devotional 8/21

And he said unto him, Arise, go your way: your faith has made you whole. Luke 17:19

You can be healed, but still be broken.

One of the things that came to my attention today, was insecurity. I’ve been speaking to a few friends, who have shared they have had issues with insecurity. I have been thinking about myself, and how hard it must be for any man to be in a relationship with an insecure woman. Some women are insecure about their bodies, others are insecure in their relationships (with things like jealousy, accusations, etc.) and others are insecure about their intelligence and abilities. I battle with insecurities too, I believe it’s part of our human nature. The truth is that, insecurity is a spirit from hell, coming from Satan to steal, kill and destroy. It steals potential, purposes and dreams. It destroys relationships (with God, self and others). And it kills levels of self confidence, self worth and self respect. Insecurity comes from thinking about yourself. 

Another thing about insecurity is that it births much fruit. Remember everything we plant gives birth to something else. Insecurity can birth envy, jealousy,  competitiveness, fear, paranoia, anxiety, confusion, anger, depression and so many more things! One of the shocking things to me about insecurity is that it leads to obsessive-compulsiveness, things like nagging, criticizing, indecision, and imitation (copying the people you compare yourself to), etc. Have you ever observed an insecure person? They act weird around people, even if the people love them. Insecurity is the root of timidity, offense, defensiveness, and depression; not the spirit of insecurity necessarily just like sickness. There is much disease which attacks people because they bring it upon themselves, and there is another part where they are attacked by a spirit of illness. Insecurity is a learned trait, it is a paradigm which takes root in the mind and because the enemy sees an open door for him, does send a spirit to fill the empty space. Insecurity and friends overwhelm its victims, eventually paralyzing them from living life.

God does not plant negative things in our minds, or hearts only Satan does this. But God does give us His word to defend ourselves from insecurity (and all other attacks). The word of God is alive, it is truly powerful- it is not just some word you speak. God’s word has power, and His authority given to us makes devils tremble. Satan knows that if he can attack people to feel insecure, they will delay their progress and call in Him. Do you remember Jesus manifested to destroy the works of the devil? The devil does not want YOU to manifest into who God created you to be, so he will use all his tactics to get you out of the race. And if he cannot get you out of the race, he will make his best bet to wear you out. Insecurity takes away your true identity, it makes you believe strongly in something…. you end up having faith in someone that you are not! Our identity is in the truth that God created us for His divine purpose. God loves us, and He created us uniquely and according to His own desires. And He wants to make us whole, not just us and mend our hearts… God wants to make us whole. Acknowledge the work He is doing in your life, just like the leper who went back to Jesus to say THANK YOU. And God will do more than what you are thanking Him for.

These are examples of how to fight:

  • “People will think this or that of me”: I am accepted in Jesus!
  • “Nobody loves me, I’m unlovable, I’m hard to love”: God knows my ins and outs, and still loves me with an everlasting love! 
  • “I’m ugly, fat, skinny. I don’t like my body”: I am beautiful & there is no flaw in me!
  • “I’m miserable, I am not worthy of love or of being happy”: Jesus came to give me a life of abundance! 
  • Jesus said let poor, say I am rich! Let the weak, say I am strong!

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, thank you for you care for us. I did not have these thoughts in my heart, but you know all things. I pray for those people believing the devil’s whispers telling them ‘they wont make it’, ‘they aren’t good enough’, ‘they’re too this or that’, ‘that they cant do this or not’- I pray for your grace over them. May your love be over them, and may your refresh them spiritually and mentally. I pray for strength, and that they may use your word, which is the sword of the spirit and silence the enemy. May they not simply sit back, and receive all the negative self talk or the attacks even if they come from loved ones. May they rise up and fight God. May they receive revelation that they are strong, beautiful, more than able and loved by you, in Jesus name, Amen. 

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