Devotional 8/23

Satan is prince of the power of the air. Ephesians 2:2‬

The only real battle in life is between hanging on and letting go.
Shannon L. Alder

The Lord gave us the bible so that we may receive teaching and counsel directly from Him. Through the word of God we learn how to live, we learn about what is to happen in the life we are living and who He is in our lives. The bible says, that our enemies are not carnal, but that we are fighting spiritual battles with wickedness in high places. Dark forces in high places, principalities and powers of the air. Principalities, are those in high ranking leadership, rulers, which decree laws and make verdicts; these people are heavenly influenced since they have control over nation(s). We all know what mighty power these individuals possess over the prosperity and progress (or destruction) of the world’s population. By heavenly influenced, I mean influenced by either Satan or God. The other type of enemy we fight, is the prince of the power of the airs: Satan and his army,  his own ministers who know how to use the airs as resource.

Even though, it may seem absurd and incredible, even naive to believe that simple things like words spoken, fasts and incantations are attacks to our flesh and minds, this is how witchcraft operates. You may not believe in witchcraft, but it is like not believing in wifi. Attacks are sent our way by way of negative declarations made over our lives, demons assigned to us, and the very deception from our hearts planted by the enemy in our childhood. The phrase  ‘power of the air’, tell us that air has power, right?

What is this power? How can air have power?

  • Wireless internet connection (WiFi), heat, light and sound travel through air.
  • Anyone who is truly ‘spiritual’ knows that vibes, auras and energy move through the air too. Go into a hospital or funeral home, the energy there is negative; the vibe in a library, or in a church are completely different than a hospital or funeral home.
  • Witches and warlocks use the air, to send attacks to believers, and to those who God is calling (to keep them from the salvation of their soul).

It may seem like the thoughts which bring you down, are just thoughts you think, like everyone does, but I will have you know that these thoughts are influenced. Your desires, are natural too, but they are also influenced. I was once watching a sermon on TBN, and the minister said “I was in the supermarket one day, waiting on a line to pay by the register. There was this little old lady in front of me, and I suddenly got the idea to push her. I stopped to analyze the suggestion, and that’s when I realized I had no profit in pushing the old lady. It was then I realized the influence of our wicked nature and the devices of the devil.

The bible would not talk about heaven if it were not real, nor would it speak about the devil if He were not real. It was confirmed to me, as a young believer that God was true to His word, when I contemplated the facts that what He had told me in secret had manifested in public right before my eyes. If God can tell us the future, using the word of God and His Holy Spirit, we ought to FULLY believe every detail of His word. God is not man that He should lie, God was not created He is the Creator of all things seen and unseen. He is the head of all principality and powers, paraphrased into one phrase: God has the victory over all the powers in this world. Satan’s power, is not all powerful; his power is limited, under the sovereign hand of God.


The Lord teaches my hands to battle, and to bend a bow of iron. Even if there’s a mighty army of opponents coming against me, God already saw it and He knew the victory was mine. He knows the end from the beginning, and that’s why He warned me in advance of what was to come. I see an army of opponents, throwing darts, yelling and aiming towards my place of standing. I will stand firm, be strong and be courageous. I will stand firm and see the salvation of the Lord. I will stand firm, and put on the armor of the Spirit (Eph. 6). The Lord is a refuge over me, the angel of the Lord encompasses my territory and the ministering angels foretell with warnings and strategies concerning my enemies. If the enemies called depression, loneliness, lust or anxiety are all coming for my head at once, I declare that God has raised His banner, like the flags are raised after a war, or a race, I have also been given the victory. Despite of what I see, my worship will have this great army fight against each other and destroy eachother in confusion. 

Let’s pray:

Lord God almighty, thank you for the victory. Thank you that the enemy plots against us like a horse is prepared for battle, but you decide the victory. Thank you that you already overcame the enemy’s power, and that you embarrassed him publicly in your resurrection and taking the keys of hell from his hands. I thank you that even though it may seem that we are being attacked on every side, we are not destroyed. Thank you for holding us up by your grace. Thank you for teaching us to fight, and for the wisdom to take heed to warnings. I also thank you for your strategy to stand firm, it seems to be a constant reminder all throughout the bible. May we all stand firm in our convictions of who you are, and the love you have for us, which are to be manifested in the plans you have for us. In Jesus name, Amen. 


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