Devotional 9/7

That you may become mature Christians and that you may fulfill God’s will for you. Col 4:12 (Phillips)

You are growing me into a beautiful garden/At times I cant see progress /But you see rapid growth /And you are growing me into a beautiful garden/And I reach towards the Son/ wanna be a beautiful garden/ So we just sit back and relax /And eat at your table God

Bethel Music

Resting in God is knowing that everything will work out, we dont have to stress, go into panic or worry.

We have to focus on bringing joy to the Lord God, and He will give us strength. We give him our heaviness and He gives us new clothing of praise.

We dont praise for the victory, we praise throughout the battle.

Whatever you are battling with right now, be it disappointment, betrayal, cynicism, anger, depression, physical sickness, financial burdens, loss of employment, closed doors and tired of waiting, loneliness, disillusionment, lack of communication, isolation, misunderstanding, attitude issues, sexual abuse, emotional abuse or neglect, terminal illness, deportation, losing your home or business, losing a body part, or limbs, uterus or your breasts, receiving bad news about your children, dealing with rebellious kids, being a single parent, or being in foster care, having a miscarriage, losing a loved one, going through divorce, having no food to eat, seeing that you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, even sex and perversion, confusion of identity, looking for your purpose in life, trying to pick a major or a job, facing jail time, or dealing with ACS or family court…. all of this can be terrifying, painful and you have every right to your emotions.

But remember, after you fall and cry, you have to get back up; wipe your tears and press into heaven. 

Lets pray:

Father God thank you for your love and for your presence. I thank you for your word, it truly is a light that lightens our path here on earth. For through it we learn your character and your will for our lives. I pray for people who feel sad in every sense of the word, and i pray you strengthen them to manage their lives. I pray for these people to receive new revelation about your character, so that they may trust you and find the rest that you died to give us. Your word says “Come to me all who are tired, burdened by life and situations, and i will give you rest.”; may you give these people rest Lord. In Jesus name, Amen. 

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