Devotional 9/10

Whoever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil. 1 John 3:8

God’s will is good and perfect, but there are always two forces working to get into our lives, physically or through our subconscious: God and the devil. 

Nobody has a perfect life, or a perfect childhood. Everyone has some form of brokenness.We are broken from birth and are born into a broken world. Everyone is looking for peace. We all dream of a world with no death, no sickness, disease or lack. We all pray for world peace, where homicides and rape would come to a stop, and where people would not go hungry. People face dilemmas, situations and inner complexities which break our spirit, and potentially rob us of peace. It is possible to be restored, from brokenness. The world became broken, when sin entered mankind by demonic influence.

Depression is:

  • a mental perception
  • a spiritual attack
  • a chemical imbalance

From my experience in dealing with people, myself included, I’ve concluded that mental problems tend to develop. There are instances when children are born with different diseases stemming from chemical imbalances and immunological disorders. As there are also induced diseases, which may develop from poor eating, high stress levels and lack of physical activity. But the root of all these is sin. Demonic influences fight against God’s good and perfect will for our lives, and if we are not alert and pressing into God, will be their prey. The devil works to destroy God’s creation (believers and unbelievers alike), and there are also things we bring unto ourselves. For example, you can disagree with me if you would like, but in my personal opinion: diabetes is not a spiritual disease. Diabetes is developed by improper eating. Once the devil knows you lack self control, you become his perfect victim, but overeating or neglecting your health by not exercising- is not his doing. I mention this because the devil is the scapegoat for a lot of things, when in fact we should take responsibility for our own self will.

Image result for 1 John 3:8I believe many diseases are spiritually healed because the spirit can heal everything: spirit, mind, heart and body. For anyone who has struggled with depression, I stand with you. We cannot push aside the truth of demonic influence. Before sin entered, the world was designed to be eternal, but when humanity agreed with satanic suggestion, even the plants and wild life where cursed to corruption (and death). Yes, I sound like a super spiritual Christian, but the truth is: Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. The devil uses anything to deter us from God’s perfect will. He does everything and anything to break families apart, to bring sickness and disease, to take people’s lives prematurely and to make people think that God is not real, has ignored or forgotten them. 

Children are susceptible to the attacks of the enemy, just like drunks are susceptible to be violated in their unconscious and weakened states. The sensibility of emotions and lack of maturity to understand, almost guarantees opens doors for the devil to work. His work is planted in a child, and that child will grow into a broken person. Then this broken person, will go on destroying others, as they destroy themselves. 

God designed to use those closest to us to be of blessing to our lives: the enemy does the opposite, he uses them to hurt us and to degrade us.

And without God’s covering, our mind and spirits are open to attack; this is why prayer is essential for everyone.

 Let’s pray:
Lord Jesus, I pray for all the broken hearts today- those who feel unloved, forgotten, abused and who do not know how to express their inner feelings. I pray for rest, for a Selah in their life, that they would be able to catch their breath in this hectic world. I pray you would mend their broken hearts and heal their crooked mindsets. That you may work in their hearts, for a testimony of your great power and love for them. I pray specifically for a divine miracle Lord from your holy spirit for their souls, may they be great witnesses of your wonder working power. In Jesus name, Amen. 
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