Devotional 9/19


The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. John 10:10

We cannot simply train the mind, without purifying the heart.

Where does depression come from anyway? It comes from Satan, who came to steal, kill and destroy all of humanity not only Christians. He plants seeds in our minds, which over time grow into forests (strongholds or paradigms in our minds). But Jesus Christ who is the giver of life, came to destroy the works of the devil. He came to give us eternal life, and an abundant life here on earth. And Jesus said that The Father uproots all seeds that the enemy has planted. Suicidal thoughts visit many of us, some very often and others rarely but it is prevalent in our society. Assisted suicide, for medical reasons have made it even acceptable to kill yourself. Which is nonsense. I do not believe that suicide is an option, not even in cases of terminal illness. One reason of many to defend my stance, is that you never know if a miraculous healing can change the entire course of life.

In previous posts, I have expressed my long personal battle with depression, and my desire to end this life. I am not ashamed of my battles, because I am still here. Depression is a parasite, and it feeds off of the “carrier”. If you think in terms of depression, and act in terms of depression, speaking words of hopelessness, sadness, faithlessness, or isolation- depression will consume you. Take control of your thought life. How? By changing your mind.

  • If someone is ringing your doorbell, what do you do? Open the door right?
  • If you have a mess, what do you do? Start to organize and clean.
  • If the door bell rings again, what will you do? Go check the door again.
  • And if things start getting dirty again, wont you take the time to clean again?

The mind is the same way, it takes work to maintain it clean and focused. The spirit needs peace, so we must seek it: become a peacemaker. The body needs rest, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle: don’t be a couch potato. When there is no persistent intention to heal all three aspects of our being, depression will continue to grip its victims. It can be exhausting, just like anything else in life- but it needs to be confronted consistently. Like a cancer patient going for chemotherapy or radiation, depression needs to be treated (not the same as medicated). Like a patient with kidney failure, in need of dialysis, depression is a detoxifying process. 

  • Suicide statisticsAccording to a  National Survey on Drug Use and Health (2008), in the US there were 8.3 million adults who had serious thoughts of committing suicide, and 2.3 million who made plans to commit to do so.

Today I found out, a 23 year old female from my younger brother’s circle of friends, committed suicide. I couldn’t help but cry. I couldn’t help but ask God, why He didn’t intervene. Now, there are so many people heartbroken with grief, hurting with confusion and suffering with their own personal “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve”.

I firmly believe Christians over-spiritualize depression and dismiss the physical needs of a truly depressed person. I’ve said this before, and I will continue to say it until further notice (if I ever change my mind I will let you know). The reason I push it so hard is because the Christian church wrestles with so much sin, without attacking the core issue. The core issue is the heart!! We cannot simply train the mind, without purifying the heart. And for the unbelievers and wayward, the point of neglect is the spiritual part of our being. The focus is more on the physical satisfaction, while neglecting spiritual needs. Yes we have spiritual needs too.

I always say, and am fully aware of our entire make up: we are body, spirit and soul. 

  • Physically; low levels of serotonin correlate with depression, impulsive disorders, and suicidal people. 
  • Spiritually; the enemy works attacking the attributes of God: God is not real, God cannot help you, you are a lost case, God does not love you, you are worse than the devil, or the popular one- who needs God anyway?
  • And in the seat of our will, mind and emotion; we find an undisciplined soul. An unfulfilled, unsatisfied life is an unhappy, the will is weak. For example, people say where there is a will, there is a way… what if there is no will? Many people have no backbone, and therefore have no goals or ambition, have no direction in life. And then the mind has no focus, which is identified by a wavering undecided thought life. A weak minded person will believe most, if not everything which crosses by it. And an emotionally immature heart, will be tossed here and there, and find its way in the middle of nowhere feeding into emotional highs and lows. Things like being ungrateful, being pessimistic, doubtful, hopeless, etc., are soul issues.

Let’s pray:

Father God, my heart is very sad about these news I received today. I pray you would console those grieving for this soul. And Lord Jesus I pray that she had the chance to repent even if seconds before dying Lord. I pray you would orchestrate circumstance to bring this family and these friends the hope of the gospel, that Jesus came to wash us clean of our sins and offer us a new life, and an eternal life once we are resurrected from the dead. I pray for peace in their minds, and I plead the blood of Jesus over each individual. I arrest the spirit of death and suicide, which is looking for who to devour next. I ask you for mercy in all of humanity Lord. May you continue to strengthen us to fight against depression, sin and disease! In Jesus name, Amen.

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