Devotional 9/28

And Jesus replied to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. Matthew 22:37

Do you love yourself?

How can love be commanded? How can we make ourselves love God? If God commands us to love Him, it must be in our control. If God advises us to choose life, then it must be, because it is in our control. Jesus said that the entire law book of Moses is summed up in the two golden rules: Love God and Love your neighbor as Yourself. If you love God, you would keep His commands (more than the 10 commandments, are the Leviticus laws). If you love God, you would be set apart for Him, and seek to honor Him by obeying His word. Related image

Giving it a lot of thought since I accepted Jesus into my heart, I often wondered how a “good God” could send people to hell. If we think about relationships, we find that emotions are not the basis of love. Emotions are simply a factor which play into relationships. Commitment keeps relationships together, be it in marriage, careers or friendships. We commit to people and situations because we choose to love them. We choose to love, in spite of how we feel.

Experiencing God’s love teaches us how to love, and the love that we need to accept too. The way God loves us is not difficult, demanding or harsh, it is comforting, understanding and passionate. God is Love, and Love is God.

God is patient, kind; He is jealous but He does not envy, He is not arrogant, or selfish. God does no wrong, He does not think evil thoughts, He rejoices in truth. God bears all things, believes in us all the way, hopes all the best for us, and endures all that we put Him through. God never fails! (1 Corinthians 13:3‭-‬7)

Image result for 1 corinthians 13 4-8This is what real love looks like. Many of us have settled for emotional love, or physical love but there is a deeper love for us. The love of child from their mother (given they are mentally healthy) is usually the most unconditional type of love we can experience here on earth. This is why the enemy destroys our mental health, so we can continue the cycle of destroying our future generations and society as a domino effect. But God designed the woman to be a helper, this is the same word for holy spirit, he is our helper. When we know the love of God, we get a glimpse of real love. The love God has for us, is e greater than the love a mother or a father has for a child. This is why receiving the love of God is so transforming to our lives. It is a power like no other. Imagine that! The creator of the universe loves you, with all your imperfections and limitations, with all your mistakes and bad attitudes.

Loving God and loving others, begins with a commitment. A decision to stay no matter what. We cannot love others, much less God until we know them, right? Pretty logical. As we grow in God, we get to know God for ourselves. We fellowship with His spirit and He works in us His own will. He puts in us the desire to please Him, and the ability to become like Him. We even begin to hate sin, like He hates it and we cry out for humanity, for those in sin, who live in darkness and are lost. Being committed to God means that no matter what He allows in our lives, we humble ourselves to push through it with Him. It is very similar to relationships, whether personal ones or business related. If my mother or father disrespect me, I am committed to honor them because the bible tells me to. If my parents abandon me, I will still choose to love them and do good to them, because God chose them to be my parents. Even if my parents hated me, they still provided shelter and lessons for me in my early life and my love for God and for them, would lead me to honor them regardless. If you are a parent, and your child becomes a drug dealer, a prostitute, an assassin, or a homosexual, even a homeless drug addict or thief, and you may be disappointed, the love for that child will not go away.  Survival mode is not faith mode, it is not even logical most of the time. The mind can be the most suspicious, illogical and self destructive thing in us! It is completely against the knowledge of God. I know from experience that our minds are set up to protect us, it is set on survival mode. And it works most powerfully against our spiritual prosperity while we are in doubt, anger, misunderstanding, or false teaching. Even if we love God, our flesh loves sin. Sin is fast, convenient and seems to harmless. Things like following after the worlds customs, false gods, practices and religions, being self sufficient, white lies, money loving, shopaholics, crazy parties, sexual and violent music, fornication… I can go on and on. We say we love God, but is the commitment there?

Emotion does not create love, but, when we choose to love, the emotion comes. 

Let’s pray:

Thank you Father God for this day. I ask that you bless the people who have accepted you and who face different battles in their minds and emotions. And even those in relationships, who are giving up on each other. I pray that you us all a servants heart, to serve you and each other faithfully, with commitment and conviction. I pray you would be pleased with our lives. In Jesus name, Amen.


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