Devotional 10/1

Look! The hand of My betrayer is with Mine on the table. Luke 22:21

If Judas betrayed Jesus, was He ever saved?

During the Lord’s Supper, the disciples and Him ate together. This was before the resurrection, and Jesus dropped a bomb on them. It was not a prophetic warning, it was prophetic word. This thing was sure to happen, one of them would betray the Lord. Immediately they all questioned themselves, “could it be me?”. We can never be too proud to claim, “I would never fail God, I would never leave the faith, that could not be me. I say this because scripture tells me, that Peter was quick to say “I would never do this Lord!”, but he did! The scriptures also tells us that God does not reject a humble heart, but He looks far from those with pride. The bible also tells me that if someone falls, we ought to help them up, because He who thinks is perfect, has to be careful to avoid being next in line.

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The truth is that God was not shocked when Judas betrayed Jesus or when Jesus was crucified. Jesus’ death was prophesied about, in Genesis, the Psalms and even in the books of the prophets. Judas was a disciple, and he was a chosen vessel of God. Judas was around when the Lord healed people, raised some from the dead, gave sight to the blind and when He casted out bad spirits from people. Judas ate from the bread and the fish which Christ multiplied; Judas even preached the word and casted devils out too! The truth is that there was a prophesy for someone close to Jesus to betray Him. In the same way God knew Peter would deny Jesus. Judas and Peter, both failed God. But Peter was converted, while Judas was separated from eternal salvation. We need to pray that our will is submitted unto God’s will. Because our will, our free will, can be our downfall and keep us apart from God forever. 

Image result for proverbs 16:4It is a very scary thing to know that God knows who is to be evil, and that He uses them for His own purposes. The bible foretold about the 30 shekels which Judas received, and what He purchased with the money as well. Even though, he regretted his actions, and tried to return the money to the pharisees, things could not be undone. This leads me to believe that God orchestrated his life, with the purpose of betraying Jesus. Judas could have repented, and sought the Lord but He did not. The bible says he committed suicide. He aborted his own life, before its time. The truth is that “where there’s a will, there’s a way”, if you want to do something, you will get it done- if you are unsure, it will remain in that state and if you are negative, you will come to a dead end.

And how interesting it is, that even if we mess up and God knew we would, we have free will to abort or to push forward. It is up to us to keep pushing forward, searching our hearts and seeking His face to avoid making the mistakes the disciples and prophets themselves made. Peter denied Jesus, but He was converted; Moses hit the Rock, but God took him to heaven; David murdered Uriah and slept with his wife, but God confronted him and he repented; Elijah feared Jezebel, offending God and hiding in a cave, but God told him his purpose had not yet been fulfilled. From scripture, and Judas story, we can learn a few things about believers:

  1. We will fail one way or another
  2. We can walk with Jesus and love other things (money, sex, vices, etc)
  3. We can serve God and not believe God

What makes a difference, is how we respond to our own fall. Will we give up and end up in a desolate and lost place or will we humble ourselves before God’s presence for help?

Because I am naked before the Lord and presented this testimony to Him, I will share some of my own personal experience with this topic. I have gone through times of worry, where I wonder if I will make it to the end. I wonder if I would backslide, and have even considered the seven demonic spirits that come against us when we are empty. I have had days where I have felt condemned to hell, and other days where my inquisitive mind leads me to fear becoming an apostate (leaving my relationship with God to follow after false gods, which maybe offer more freedom and faster ‘results’) or heresies (doctrines of men, which encourage my vain imagination). And I have even told God I would no longer serve Him, just like Jeremiah did, because like Jeremiah I have felt God was more demanding of me than other Christians. But in all this I have learned that my will to serve God, is stronger than my will to follow after my own lusts and imaginations. It was necessary that I like Peter deny God, or like Judas betray Jesus. The only difference with Judas is that He died in condemnation.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us souls! Touch our minds, wills and emotions and show us if we have gone astray in any realm of our being. I pray for sanctification of our hearts and bodies, and purification of our souls as a church in the entire world. I also pray for a love and obedience of your word against all odds, and all costs. Hide us in the cleft of the rock God, and deliver us from evil. In Jesus name, Amen.

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