Devotional 10/11

But now, O Jacob, listen to the LORD who created you. O Israel, the one who formed you says, “Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by name; you are mine. Isaiah 43:1  

Why should I be a Christian?

Well, for starters God created you! He spent His time, creating us to spend this life and our eternal life with Him. He desires a relationship with you and me, just like He had with Adam and Eve. Except they traded their faithfulness to God for an idea presented to them by God’;s enemy (Satan). He led them to believe there was something missing in their life, he told them that be like God. They didn’t realize that they were already very much like God.

Because of this downfall, we all became guilty. The punishment for our sin was guilt, shame and separation from God (as with Adam and Eve). We inherited the disconnection, the shame and the fear. But then God sent His only Son, to bridge the gap. Jesus paid the price we were supposed to pay! He received God’s wrath at Calvary. He was shamed, and He was separated from God, even though He had not sinned, which is the worst punishment for any person. As a Christian, we receive a restored relationship with God. We do not have to be afraid of God’s rejection, or judgement. Jesus did that, so that we could escape God’s judgment. So far we have two reasons, to have a relationship with God and to escape God’s judgement. God is judging us because we have ignored, rejected, defied and despised Him; we choose sin instead of choosing Him. 

God is angry with mankind: The bible says that men are guilty of knowing the truth (by logic), and suppressing it. The truth is that God is real, He makes Himself evident by the heavens and earth, including the rest of creation. After all, we are sinners and we do not desire to fight against it. Even after Christ, we continue to sin; but God gives us grace to overcome. Grace is love, strength, power and ability from God. Some people deny their sinful nature, but their own conscious discovers them. We know that when we lie it is wrong, we know that then we steal or envy, or insult someone else even ourselves, we are wrong. We are all guilty of sin, and even if you have only insulted someone- in God’s mind you have also murdered someone. If you have looked at someone, and have desired them, you are a fornicator and an adulterer. Are we really ever going to be sin free? No, not until we are transformed when Jesus returns. Image result for no one comes to the father except through me

God is perfect and holy, so He must judge the God haters, the rebels and the sinners. But He does not want us to perish, so He extends time so that everyone can have the opportunity to come to Him. We are all imperfect, but God gives us grace. We are bound by something, whether it is fear, grief, abandonment, lust, vanity, materialism, sex, careers, money, cigarettes, alcohol, pills, weed, etc.. there can be many obstacles in our path to freedom, but God gives us grace to break the chains.

We are no longer slaves of our sinful nature, neither are we victims of Satan. 

Misinterpretations of what comes with being a Christian:

  • We are problem free
  • We are guaranteed wealth
  • We are guaranteed health
  • We are good (no longer sinners)
  • We are anti science
  • All churches are the same


To me, the greatest reason to be a Christian is to have God in you and with you at all time. God bridged the gap, between us and Himself by sending Jesus. And Jesus, once we receive Him, sends to us His holy spirit. And this Spirit, although He is Holy, He is HOMIE. He is our best friend, our lawyer, our defender, our counselor, our teacher, our doctor, our lover and our father. God is not a million light years away, sitting on a throne somewhere waiting for our longest poetic prayer! He is to be honored, after all HE IS THE CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS SEEN AND NOT SEEN; but God is here, right here and right now and never leaves us. If we have a situation, He advises us. If we have emotional turmoil, He comforts us. If we have sickness, He teaches us how to obtain health or He miraculously heals us. When we read the bible, we invite Him to read with us and that is how we receive His own interpretation. And this same Spirit is He who will translate us to heaven, when the time comes. Without His spirit, we do not have access to God. Something worth thinking about.

It is the son of God who is the savior of men, and men are not the saviors of themselves.
Charles Spurgeon

Let’s pray:

Lord God, I come humbly before you to ask for your Holy Spirit to visit us today. I thank you for your presence, and giving us new strengths each day. I present to you each person who calls themselves a believer, and those who refuse you either because they doubt or are resisting you. I pray that you would visit these people, and give them of your love, and your companionship. I pray that you become realer to them than those people who are even close to us, knowing that one day we will meet you GOD. And when we meet you, you will know if we ever had a genuine relationship. I pray to see these people in heaven too, make a way Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.

Image result for one name given under heaven



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