Devotional 10/19

So let’s keep focused on that goal, those of us who want everything God has for us. If any of you have something else in mind, something less than total commitment, God will clear your blurred vision – you’ll see it yet! Philippians 3:15

Mind over matter

I posted a tweet well over a year ago, February 2016. It said “I admit, I have been distracted by second hand activity.” The truth is that we can lose focus, but we should also know that we can also  get back into focus.

When I would get distracted by my emotions, lack of resources and other people and circumstances: I get to feeling out of it. When we feel out of it, the normal thing to do is that go further into doing things which actually lead us away from the focal point. It’s like when you have a set routine to work out, if you miss one day, it becomes two, then three. Eventually you find that it’s been 6 months and you’ve gained weight in places you forgot could gain weight. Or like studying for a big exam, the moment you answer one text, it becomes a 3 hour rendezvous with social media and shopping sites! Imagine when you go on vacation, who is ever excited to come back to work!? It’s very similar with God.Image result for adjust focus

If I don’t pray one day, it becomes two and then three. Or if I don’t go to church one day, it can take extra effort to go back the next time. And sometimes discouragement comes and tells you, oh just give it up- why go so hard, why keep going? During these times God always reminds me that as long as we have life, there is a opportunity. If I wake up tomorrow, I have a new chance.

If you want to change your life, you can. If you have lost your way, you can get back on the drivers seat. You are where you are, because of Your own decisions: and you can change it anytime you decide. I’m so tired of meeting people who just cry and complain about life! Yes, trust me I know life can be unfair and extremely painful, and I myself suffer and cry at times too… but this is no way to live. Remember life happens to EVERYONE. 

What is ur point of view on your life? You may be looking at it in a messed up  way, because of your perception.

Lets pray:

Lord God I hope that you help us refine our attitudes. I pray that you take over those places in our hearts which are tired, worn out and discouraged. May you breathe life in to us again. I pray you help those people who have lost houses, who have lost loved ones and those who have lost their leaders may you give them wisdom, peace, strength and direction to the next place you have for them in this life. I pray for refocus and re-dedication in our lives, to you Lord and to those things which we have let go of. In Jesus name, Amen.


Image result for adjust focus perception


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