Devotional 10/21

Though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with His hand. Psalm 37:24

Before the birth of a God dream, you will face your greatest opposition.

Father God, I thank you for sustaining me during these seasons of my greatest spiritual battles so far. As far as for myself, and for those who I minister to, I want to lift up this prayer for spiritual strength. I include even those people who have been brought problems and attacks into their lives, by their own silly choices. Lord your word says that we are upheld by your right hand, your word tells us to not fear for this same reason. Even when we look at our weaknesses and the spiritual forces on assignment coming against us- we believe that You are above it all. Help us all to sit still and see your salvation. Help us to sit and wait on you, wait on you to act. 

I come against the spirits of discouragement and grief, I ask that you would renew a right spirit within us; please fill us, with your joy in any area where it may be lacking. May our faith be increased, and as your word says “Lord help my unbelief”. As you know God, in any area that any person needs it so.  

I also pray for those people who feel lonely, or feel they have no support; I pray these people do not resort to outside things like ungodly people and habits. I pray for your love to shower over afresh each day Lord, that they may witness your presence in a memorable and remarkable way. 

I present to you those stubborn people, who have not come to terms with their own flaws and have a spoiled and pitiful ‘victim’ or ‘entitlement’ mentality. i pray you would bring reproof to these peoples lives, bring godly word from holy people and give them dreams or visions to re-align themselves with your word. I pray you would begin a deliverance in their lives from wrong paradigms. 

Lord Jesus, I also present to you those people who need healing in their hearts for whatever reason: depression, isolation, rejection, manipulation, abuse, domestic violence, sexual violations, or self hate. I pray for even those which I did not mention, because I know you know the type of healing each person needs. 

Lord of lords, and King of kings, I present to you those people who have thought of leaving the faith altogether. Those who may think that being a Christian is not worth it, or that being a Christian is not for them, or that they have made too many mistakes to continue being a Christians. I present these minds to you Lord, give them a special grace Lord to know you in deeper ways. I pray for inner convictions and may you close any open doors from previous lifestyles to which where they may think they can resort to. may these people not give any place for the devil to creep in.   

The battles I had been going thru with considering EVEN leaving Christ for false gods, who “answer faster” or offer less sacrificial lifestyles. God helped me through that. And just last week I meditated thinking wow God if I had gave in to the lies, I wouldn’t see what I am seeing today. God knows and He sees every single effort. Stand still, stand firm on what you believe and you will see the salvation of the Lord. 

I pray for those people who have in some way been offended, I pray they choose to forgive in wisdom. I pray these people would keep walking towards their calling, even if “accusations, offenses or judgement” came from the closest person to them or the greatest prophet on the earth. I pray the conviction of steadfast and persevering faith to  shake their spirit.

I pray for every person included in this prayer to KEEP WALKING. May they value their relationship with you, far above any other relationship on this earth. And may they receive a full awakening to who they are, and be able to address their issues wisely.

In Jesus name, Amen.   

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