Devotional 10/28

At that time the Lord separated the tribe of Levi, to bear the ark of the covenant of the Lord, to stand before the Lord to minister unto him, and to bless in his name, unto this day. Deuteronomy 10:8

My relationship with God is my number one focus. I know that if I take care of that, God will take care of everything else.

To “minister to the Lord” is to provide God with His needs… sounds crazy right. What in the world would God need? Imagine God said “take care of me”. What would you think of! God’s needs are not like our human needs, God is self sufficient. For example, if we do not eat for some time, we will begin to lose strength: because we need food. God does not have needs like these, but, He needs people to move on His behalf. He needs people to push aside their agendas, their reasoning, their comfort and their feelings, for Him.


  • to serve, to fulfill a need, to lead

God has a will, and He needs this will to come to life. A will is a desire, an intention, a plan. God’s will is that all mankind would be saved. His will is that we live lives that glorify His name, leading people to know and seek Him.

When we minister to other people’s needs, we literally minister to God. But this has some discrepancies in that we can serve people from selfish places. Here are a few examples of what self-centered serving is:

  1. To be loved
  2. To be validated (feel complete, or valuable)
  3. To attract attention (self-esteem issues)
  4. To have authority over others
  5. To receive commends from men
  6. To make money
  7. To keep a responsibility (a job or position)
  8. So much more

Many serve God, but it does not mean they are ministering to GodMinistering unto God means to worship HIM in all that you do! Having God as your audience. Not only singing,  evangelizing, or doing godly things, but to do it all FOR Him. Do you dress for Christ? Do you dress for yourself? Do you dress for others? Do u wake up and say I’m going to dress nice because when I minister to someone, or someone who know I am Christian will see me: I would like to bring glory to God, not only in my speaking but also with my clothing.

Why do you wake up? What’s your motive, what is your reason? Many people’s reasons for living is their children, for example. Even though they are God’s inheritance- God must be first, before your children. Is your source of motivation, your reason to get out of bed or to keep pushing, your money, your career, your goals? You need to realign your motives.

What is your reason for getting and doing things? Are you getting a car because God is being glorified in you overcoming your fears? Are studying in school for yourself? Or because God created the mind, and has given mankind wisdom, and you want to develop your skill set to bring honor to God’s name? Anything we do can be done in a selfish mindset. We can have a million ministries and not be ministering unto men, but to God. We can be in our flesh and not in our spirit, when it feels like work and does not add joy, peace and love into our lives. Some people serve God for the pastor to see them or for someone to be happy that you are working for God, or even to feel important. You can fool people, but you cannot fool God. 

We can minister unto God, by praying for others as well. Remember God has a will, a project going on in this world. How can you ‘help‘ God in his project for the world? Maybe by giving money, by praying, by giving Him your agenda. Clock in to God’s kingdom, the paycheck is sure and eternal. Amen.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, we come before to ask you for forgiveness. We have complained, we have felt tired, we have allowed the enemy to entertain us and even have listened to him minister to us. I present to you, these people who are willing to minister unto you, may you restrengthen and realign their lives according to your will. I pray for discernment, wisdom and conviction for each person. I also present to you anyone who has admitted to serving you from a wrong heart, may you give them a refreshed anointing and lead them back to serving you, as they serve others. If any have backslidden, or have thought of leaving, and those who do not serve you yet: I pray for their spiritual eyes to be opened that they may perceive that they were created with your purpose in mind. Maybe they are called to give money, maybe to cook, maybe to sing, maybe to clean, maybe to preach, maybe to intercede in prayer, only you know the specifics God, may they receive revelation of your will. In Jesus name, Amen.


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