Devotional 11/1

Come to me with your ears wide open. Listen, and you will find life. I will make an everlasting covenant with you. I will give you all the unfailing love I promised to David. Isaiah 55:3

Without a heart transformed by the grace of Christ, we just continue to manage external and internal darkness.
Matt Chandler

We spend money on food, clothes, technology gadgets, new music, makeup and so many other things, yet still want more. We are still unfulfilled, because these things are short term. We go to the nicest restaurant and eat the tastiest food, but once you swallow that last bite, it’s over. You have nice memories, but memories are nothing compared to having the here and now. We buy the latest iPhone, or the hottest sneakers, even the expensive watches- and there is something in our soul which still remains unsatisfied. The truth is that God created us to be fulfilled by Him. He is right here and now, even when we are not with Him, He is with us. God offers us abundance of life here on earth, and an eternal life with Him, free of charge. Image result for so busy forget to make a life

God fills our yearnings in ways that is indescribable. One of these ways is knowing that God called us with a purpose; when He created you He had a plan. We spend about 8-9 hours daily working for a paycheck! We tend to be so busy, that we barely have time to ‘enjoy’ family, friends, hobbies or leisure activities. We rush home,  to catch up on life and it’s other responsibilities, but before we know it, it’s time to sleep and get back on the grind stone again. We work for money, and to travel and by all means it’s beneficial and necessary, but does it fulfill us? Even the best job has its pros and cons, and if I can be honest, it is rare to find people who truly love their jobs. I know God has a higher purpose for us, other than clocking in and out of work every day. And this plan, this manifestation of purpose brings delight and fulfillment into our entire being (spirit, soul and body). 

God also has a new covenant, which He told the prophets about years ago. And we are so blessed to be living in this time, to receive it. God made a vow, an agreement with Abraham long ago. God told Abraham, that from him would be born many peoples, a great nation and that God would be their Lord, and give them the Promised land (Israel). And even though we are like Satan, or like Adam and Eve in their rebellion and shame, God still looked for ways to be among His people. God has always wanted to be our God. Through the prophet Ezekiel, God revealed that one day He would give us (even the gentiles, the non-Israelites) of his Holy Spirit and give us a new heart to know and serve Him.

This is the wonderful time we are living in!! We are living in the time of Grace, the time of New Wine.

The pact God has made with us is eternal, it does not change and it is free. It is only up to us to receive it, in faith. This is one of the ways in which God suffices our soul’s deep longings, by loving us unconditionally. Grace is love. Grace is God’s unearned, undeserved, and unstoppable love for us. Grace is God, and God is Love. Grace is Jesus, and Jesus is God. Holy Spirit is God, which is Jesus spirit, which is Grace. Wherever we have a need, Grace is enough. Wherever there is a limitation, Grace is enough. Where sin abounds, Grace abounds much more. When we pray God hears us, without having to offer the sacrifice a lamb- which was done once a year. Imagine being condemned for a whole year, before you could be forgiven from sin. 

Today many feel “too bad’, to even come to church. Or that they have to stop doing this or that to come to God, but today I tell you “Come as you are, God accepts you as you are”, the journey with God will teach you life with God, just like you learn anything else (new job, new school, new neighborhood, etc.). Others feels that they are living life, and this is all there is to it: work, sleep, have sex, have kids, grow old and die. God has a new normal for every and anyone who is willing to come receive His salvation. 

Let’s pray:

Lord God, thank you for your love and presence. Thank you for your patience with us, and your grace which has extended in your mercy and compassion for us. I present to you those souls who do not know you, who have heard of you but are still debating or battling with different fears or sins, and those who have declared to not believe in God or are not sure who is God; I pray for them Lord. I pray your grace would visit them and bring them to Jesus sacrifice for them. I pray your Spirit would lead them to the Truth, because the Truth will set them free. I thank you for what you are doing in their lives, and in mine. In Jesus name, Amen. 


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