Devotional 11/8

For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but to do the will of Him who sent Me. John 6:38

Each of us has a purpose, a reason for being here, that no one else can tell you, but you can find out from God.
Dr. Aikman

There is work to do! God is so good that He created us with a purpose. I didn’t begin a relationship with God to try to be a better person, I was grateful that I was still alive. And since I was a babe, I lived to know why I was alive. And when I gave my heart to God for sure, He began to show me. The thing about purpose is that people feel that it is created, or found: but purpose is actually an inborn passion that needs to be searched for then developed. We already possess what we are destined to do, except that it is under all of our personal history. If we are not careful, the past can hold us as prisoners. The memories, the pains, the difficulties, the failures, the rejections, and all the criticism (and so much more), can be layers over us which keep us tied down to a reality that is not our truth. And the disaster with the past, is that it does not let anybody live the present much less enjoy the future.

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There are so many needs in the world which need to be fulfilled. You were created to fulfill a need. Society needs teachers, and mentors to teach and advise the new generation of youth. Sick people need doctors, surgeons, pharmacists, psychologists and therapists. The army needs fighters, and the foster homes need parents. Have you ever felt there must be something more to life? That you are not the person you can ultimately be? Have you ever been told that you have a lot of potential? God deposited something in your soul, FOR THE WORLD. You are the answer to somebody’s prayers. You have the solution to somebody’s problem. So many people your age, and even younger have passed away, but you are still here. So many are sick, and even terminally ill, yet you have great health! Do you take it for granted?


Fulfilling purpose is not exactly reaching a goal, or learning a skill. Purpose comes from digging into the depths of your soul, your true core and deciphering what brings you true joy. Who are you outside of the roles you play? You are not a father, a wife, or mother. You are not a teacher, or a doctor. You are more than the roles you play. Things happen, and people label us, or give us positions and titles, but those things don’t change who you are. Something is missing, if and when we are defined by a position or a title. What do you do naturally, that even if you do not get paid you still do it? See, I found out that I encourage people no matter what: and that I also study them, until I see purpose and then I pick at their brains to help them bring it to surface. (I do not get paid for this, even though I should be getting paid for it :).

Your body is not your being, it is only the vehicle. But your soul, is who you are. The soul makes you, who YOU are: your qualities, talents, your drive, your inhibitions and all that makes you unique. The fact that you have life means something. I know my purpose in life, because it has been a clear passion for me since I was a child. Fear of rejection caused me to be shy and comments like “be realistic”, layered over my purpose for years until I received the revelation that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD.  We all have this life, until the next one where we will have eternity. But does anybody care, that this time will be gone before we know it? I certainly do not want to be 50 or 60 years old, and think wow I was afraid of going after my dreams. And now I am working at a dead end job from 9-5 (this is only my personal life view, some people love their jobs: like lawyers and doctors I know, who do enjoy their 9-5 jobs). The exception to saying this, is that you do not want to have so much potential in you, and work below your potential. You shouldn’t settle for less, simply because you are afraid of failing, or of people, or even of going into debt. You should go after your dreams, because God gave you those dreams ON PURPOSE.


Let’s pray:

Father God, I confess that I have sinned, but I also know that you sent Jesus your Son to offer me forgiveness. Thank you Jesus for taking my sins, on to yourself on the cross. I ask you to forgive me, and show me the newness of life you have waiting for me. I have a relationship with you, but today I want to ask you to come into my life to be my Lord and Savior. Show me the plans you have for me, because they are of good and not evil. In Jesus name, Amen.  

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