Devotional 11/24

With God, we will gain the victory, He will trample down our enemies. Psalm 60:12

 There are some things you learn best in the calm, and some in the storm.
Willa Cather

The HOLY Spirit in us works from the inside out. Many people confuse being a Christian, with living clean and morally right. Christianity is a journey. The gospel is a partnership with God, to develop and cultivate our fruit, gifts and talents unto holiness. Remember God is love, He is mercy, He is peace, He is a consuming fire, but He is also Holy. Who were you in heaven, before God manifested you on the earth realm? When God calls us back to Him, His intentions are to restore us to our PERFECT identity (the version of us which was, before sin ever existed).

We all have personal enemies. Like the lady with the issue of blood for 12 years!  Her enemy was the spirit of infirmity. The man in thr cemetery from Gadarene, had a battle with a bipolar dementia spirit. We know those are all Satan, but as I mentioned before Satan doesn’t operate with everyone in the same way. We were created in the image and likeness of God, not to what Satan wants us to be: fearful, anxious, compulsive, restless, and so much more. We were not created in the likeness of the devil or humanity’s sin-induced weaknesses.

One of the greatest spiritual enemies to human kind, to all of our lives, is fear. Fear can be overcome and defeated, but many do not know this. When we have no control over some thing, we need to stop and address it. I see too many people, oppressed and even possessed of the devil, and they hate themselves and their lives, but do not know that God is able to free them! When you fear God, you fear nothing! But when you do not fear God, you fear everything. Let me be clear: being fearful and feeling afraid are different. You can feel afraid and still act, but fear as I mentioned in precious posts is debilitating. Fear binds people. In the spiritual realm, demons make people prisoners, like those bound in jail and crazy, like those bound in psych wards. But God breaks chains, He destroys strongholds and He transforms minds. 

Something else I should clarify, is that the enemy of our soul, is Satan. He does not come against us in the same ways, which is why the bible says we ought to be alert to his schemes and devices. The enemy is after our minds, He wants us to be bound. Satan works overtime, and with a lot of wisdom to make us his slave. The reason why He cannot attack us tbe same way is because something that can make you fall, won’t necessarily make me fall and vice versa. The spirit of depression can knock on my door, but I would not be tempted to open the door. Unlike someone else, who may ignorantly open the door, sleep, eat and drink with this entity.  Another example, is people who battles with world music or TV, who have to constantly bind and rebuke their flesh. It’s not that TV or music are bad, it is that they are not glorifying God. For instance, as a parent, would you allow your children to watch TV shows with kids that are disrespectful to their parents or to music which promotes violence and rebellion against authority? We have to know where our values stand, and live by them. But this takes self discipline: having control over your own flesh’s behavior, thoughts and reactions.

God is able to help us in both regards, giving us more conviction and self control and also to fight these demonic attacks by givibg us His wisdom and strategy.

Let’s pray:

Thank you Lord for calling and restoring us. I know we all have issues, but I present these issues to you. Knowing that you are in control and that you are Wisdom and you will give us strategies to overcome our enemies. I thank you for giving us weapons for warfare, and giving us the ability to know you personally. I honor you, and pray for strategies to overcome strongholds and anything that exalts itself above your name, call and character. In Jesus name, Amen. 


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