Devotional 12/10

That is why we never give up. Our physical body is becoming older and weaker, but our spirit inside us is made new every day. 2 Corinthians 4:16

It’s just as hard to be Ken,
as it is to be Barbie.

I was saying yesterday, that we need to accept ourselves.  With self-acceptance comes confidence, and peace. Body image is the way you think and feel about your body. It’s a known fact that we all experience some kind of struggle with our body image. It is not about how people see you, it is about how YOU see YOURSELF.

Growing up, I observed that women were (and are) seen as sex objects. We are not to see ourselves as objects, because object can be tossed. Women and men have emotions, intellect and so much to offer. Object are inanimate things, that are useful for certain things.


  •  when people view themselves as objects for use, instead of as human beings.

Our bodies are holding our spirits and our souls, without our bodies we would be very limited. Our bodies are a reflection of our love toward ourselves souls.

We have negative self talk patterns! Whether it’s about our looks, our attitude or even about where we are now. Related imageSeeing yourself in a negative way, is a symptom coming from a feeling. Having a negative self image, comes from feelings of low self-worth, rejection, stress, or seeking acceptance from others (which actually makes you an object of affection). The things you think about your body, are expressed by your words. Do you consider yourself: strong? Agile? healthy? flabby? chunky? skinny? frail?

During class on Friday, I asked my youth class: ‘would be friends with someone who always called you ugly? or someone who constantly make you feel bad, or not good enough? Would you believe this person even loves you?’ Things other people say, should not be more important than what we speak to ourselves.  What words do you use to describe yourself? Are you are a positive speaker or are you negative and critical? It is harder for young people now, than ever before because of social media and the extreme obsession with makeup, fashion and surgical enhancements.

Kids are hilarious, they are always in amazement; often drooling, picking on the nose, or scabs. We are so uptight in comparison to them.We should not let negativity rule in our head or life. Children are not critical. They are not drawn to health or fitness, or fashion and apparel. I’ve met people who cancel dates, avoid relationships, or break up with someone because they feel insecure about their looks and would rather save the time (of something that may not ever happen). Children would not do that. I’ve also met people, pretentious people who wear masks. They seem extremely confident in one area of their life, like their finances, yet feel insecure about everything else. We are all getting older, it’s just part of life. The best thing we can do is change what is in our control, changes are made by making decisions. We can wish all we want, pray all we want and daydream as much as we can- but it is in your control to love yourself, develop yourself and train your body.



Let’s pray:

Lord God, I present to you the young people, the middle aged, the parents and those over 50. I pray for everyone’s self perception and body image. May we all age gracefully. I believe we are your masterpiece, and I also believe we are on this world and have been given the ability to think, and develop as we please. I pray for wisdom in every person’s mind, in Jesus name. Amen.

Related image




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