Devotional 12/12

But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. James 1:6‭-‬7

DON’T SIT ON TWO CHAIRS, because you’ll end up falling through the space between them.

The lesson?
Decide what you really want. Take your side.
No in between’s.

Every prayer made, is a possibility yet a surety. God answers every single prayer, except that we may not perceive it. God answers every prayer, maybe differently that we’d desire or expect, but for certain He will answer. I have learned that God even does new things in our lives, but we may not notice! The bible says this too in Isaiah 43:19: See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive itI am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. We decide to believe, and we also decide not to. God’s answers to prayers vary, it could quite possibly be that we are praying incorrectly too.

God respinse to our prayers:

  • Yes, I’m working on some thing
  • No, I’m working on some thing
  • Not right now, I’m working on some thing

If we ask God to save our family, His answer is YES. But there are things He has to work out, in us and also in each person’s soul and circumstance. If we ask God, to bless us with a new career or job opportunity, He may say say Not right now. I’m working on those people around you as I have you ministering to them, and while I’m shaping your skills while you are there. Or maybe we may ask God, is this my wife or my husband. God will be direct, because He is not the author of confusion and will not allow you to stay in that condition. If God’s answer is NO, rest assured He is working on something uniquely for YOU.

There is no reason to give up. God has a perfect will, manifested in His time not our timing. Similar to obtaining a new job. We can send applications until our fingers fall off and the computer shuts down from all the applications and resumes being sent, but until God opens that door there is not much you can do. We wouldn’t apply if there was not a need, a desire and faith. We cannot and should not stop praying about anything, because God will come through in His timing. Think about it: Do you ever give up on applying for a new job? You may be discouraged, but you must keep on knocking. If you stop sending applications, you may say I know one of these jobs will call me, but if we are not actively executing faith, the act itself will be prolonged. Next thing you know it’s been a year since you applied for another job. God rewards our faith.

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But He will test to see if our faith is genuine. This is why it is good to wait our turn! When God releases the answer to your prayer, it will be worth all the pain, the trials, the disappointments and all that is in between. Why did Abraham believe and obey God? What hope did Abraham have? Abraham had the opportunity to take God at His word, and witness some amazing things.

God considered Abraham a friend when he believed God. His faith made him a friend of God. Abraham didn’t even know where he was going when God asked Him to leave his home country. Abraham could have been like “uum no God, where am I going? Where are you taking me?”. God said ” come out of your country, I will show u a few things”. And as we know now, God gave Abraham descendants and prosperity. He was faithful to His promises. We are like Abraham, we don’t know what God is doing or where we are going but God does, and He wants to prepare and direct us to the Promised land. 

We are friends of God; John 15 says we are no longer slaves of Christ, but friends! God is our friend, do you know why? Because he tells us things now, he’s not just a commander in chief. Now the Lord tells of what the Father has planned us. In the new covenant, we have the Holy Spirit and He lets us in on little secrets concerning His perfect will. Our faith is what makes us friends of God. How bad would you feel, if your friends and loved ones, doubted you? I know we want physical friends but God wants to be our bestie! The bestie who he can share secrets with, and who will do what it takes to see God get the victory.

I’ll share a secret: God loves intercessors, and all who serve in ministry because they have believed in God’s kingdom and they work towards expanding it.

Let’s pray:

Thank you Lord, for being our homey! Thank you for being so cool, and being so grand yet so average. I love that you are extremely direct, and confrontational yet you do all things in love. I thank you that you are sweet, and compassionate, and MY God are you patient! I adore you lord. I present today, all those people who are waiting Lord. give us the grace to continue to wait with grace and dignity. I pray we would keep busy in godly things, may we continue to prepare for those things we are believing you for. i thank you for your grace. In Jesus name, Amen. 

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