Devotional 12/13

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

Believing takes practice.
Madeleine L’Engle

Have you ever found yourself not believing in something, you once had a lot of faith for?  At one point you believed, but the trials and disappointments of life stole your faith. Its life. I didn’t mean to share this, but I think it will help someone. I’ve been single for seven years. Many people are single too, that’s not the big deal. The big deal is that I’m now 31, and I have a biological clock ticking. Science says that women have a biological clock, this means that not only gravity works against us but our own bodies. See, as women age, their Estrogen levels decrease. Estrogen is responsible for bone and urinary tract health, maintenance of healthy sex drive, and regulates menstrual cycles. But the most important reason why we have Estrogen, is for pregnancy. This hormone prepares the reproductive organs for conception, and to carry a full and healthy pregnancy. Image result for God can overrule science sarah

Some time ago, my aunts decided to remind me about these scientific truth but I very seldom think about it. It does make me sad, if I dwell on it but I choose to believe in God’s perfect will regarding that. The reason I share this, is because four years ago I believed God about my husband. Two years ago, I was angry and hated that I cared. And last year sometime, I accepted that God is not worried about my age or my biological time clock. It is a good thing to re-evaluate your belief system. It is okay to know that God is for you, and that He is dealing with you in different areas including the one that you are praying for. See I can pray for God to bring me my husband, not a husband, MY husband, for the following reasons:

  • to have a friend
  • to join ministry and expand the kingdom of God
  • to start business projects
  • to travel
  • to have sex and reproduce (have children)

While God wants all those great things for me, God also wants me to be whole, and to be surrendered. A woman is a helper. The man being, will always need a woman. We are built to help and comfort. The bible says: It’s not good for man to be alone, I will make for him, a helper. So he made the woman, named Eve. What if Eve had a self centered ego? What if she was rude, and disrespectful? or greedy? How would she be a help to this Adam man? God is always up to some thing! And I recognize, that all these years God has been preparing me, not only to be a wife, but to be the woman He designed me to be before the foundations of the world.

Are you ready to receive what you have been praying for? Do you self-reflect and self observe, in order for God to show you where you may be lacking? We all could use more preparation n self development.

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Let’s say God has another job for you, and you are praying “God I pray a good paying job with health benefits, overtime and weekends off.” Meanwhile God is like, I need his/her presence in this school with these abnormal children. Guess what?! God will take you through a process where you are to deal with parents, children and resources associated with abnormal children (Autism, ADHD, disabled children, etc). Or if you are praying to grow old with your current boyfriend, welcome to a life of process. God will take through different processes, many skills which will be the result after encountering painful situations. Have you ever considered the long term? Having to deal with things with your partner like disease, trauma, debt, step children, infidelity, habitual sins (addictions, masturbation, unhealthy fetishes, pornography), pride, sexual dysfunction, barrenness, family problems with the in laws, domestic violence, sexual molestation or financial troubles? What about disagreements in living arrangements? Like, say you want to live in NYC, they want to live in California. What if your spouse cannot even keep a job? Or what if they have a fix to play the lottery, or to bet, not being able to resist that it’s the rent money?!

Will you quit right away? Because it’s not what you imagined? Well God is trying to prepare you for it. Right now.

Let’s pray:

Father God, I will be real with You. Lord, we need you to lead us Show me the areas where I can be a better person. Show me what places in my life I need to strengthen. Jesus, tell me where I am wrong. And tell me how I can help the people around me. And help me prepare for my answered prayers. Help us to meditate on your word when we are discouraged. And remind us that you reward our faith. In Jesus name, Amen. 



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