Devotional 12/23

If satan is taking Satan out Satan from people’s lives, he is divided and fighting against himself. His own kingdom would not survive, because a divided kingdom could not stand. Matthew 12:26

Can a Christian be possessed by a demonic spirit?

Spiritual possession is known in different ways, around the world. Most people believe that spiritual possession is not demonic possession; but as Christians we recognize that if it is not God’s spirit, then it is a worldly and demonic spirit. According to God, we are to be ONE with Him, and with our husband/wife. The bible says that our human spirit becomes one with God’s spirit, and therefore we need to be cautious of who and with what we mix (or unite) our spirit with. A Christian cannot be possessed by any other spirit, except for the Holy Spirit of God because He takes ownership of the individual. 

Human possession is not exactly known as a religious things, or a Christian thing; it’s a worldwide phenomenon, and has been a topic of question throughout the centuries. From the monotheistic religions like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism to polytheistic and pagan religions, we learn of people responding and dealing with spiritual possession.

Have you ever seen a perfect person? Everyone, including Christians, sin because of their human nature: the flesh and its senses. And because of this influence to our conscious and subconscious, we tend to confuse people with our actions. For many people, it is a confusion journey to be called ‘a Christian’. Some people are changed in an instant, and some are changed gradually. The truth is that, being a Christian is a journey.A person is to believe with their heart, and confess with their mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, and then the Holy Spirit seals them unto redemption. Without the Holy Spirit of God, people remain with the spirit of this world (their human spirit), but when Holy Spirit indwells them, He becomes one with that human Spirit.  (1 Corinthians 6, Romans 8:16).Image result for deliverance demonic

It is not possible for a Christian to be possessed by demons, because the Holy Spirit has sealed the person who believes in JESUS, until the return of Christ Jesus. But what happens when we act out of character? Are we not supposed to be godly and holy? Many believers forget that we are still humans, even if we hear God, are used by God or do great miraculous things!!! We still act, react, and respond to our natural senses and to the influence of our culture, let’s not confuse people and ourselves. This does not mean that a Christian is possessed by a devil, but it is usually demonic oppression (heavy influence). There is a difference between having the Holy Spirit of God, having a devil inside of your body and being influenced. Satan is a liar, and his influence can have us believe certain things, which can destroy us and the people around us. For example, you believe that your wife is cheating… you start stalking… you start imagining things, and begin to abuse her. Satan started the lie, and under his influence your relationship will be destroyed. God does not allow us to be tempted more than we can bear, but we need to take the escape. We decide what to believe, this is the difference between having God and not having God inside of us; we limit Satan’s power. Satan came to steal, kill and destroy; and this is how we know when he is working in our lives. Spirits can also cause physical or mental illness, but we should always keep in mind that we have a human body. See, if you go outside while it’s cold and rainy without an umbrella, a coat or a scarf, you will get the flue; you will not get a flu spirit. But a spirit of sickness can come over your body, just like the bible says.

Dickason says that etymology of the term demonization conveys a demon caused- passivity, or control to some degree by dwelling with demons, but not in the terms of ‘possession” as in ownership. In addition to be influenced by a demon, can also mean to be influenced or oppressed by a demon. (Christian need deliverance p.57) 

There are many who claim to be Christian, yet do not trust Christ as Lord and Savior (they speak from their mouth and not from their hearts); so, the Spirit of God cannot dwell in them. The bible says we can make the Holy Spirit sad by our actions, and that we can quench his work in our lives, but this is not to say that a Christian can be possessed by an evil spirit. Jesus went about healing the sick, and commanding demons out of people’s bodies and out of their lives! Yet people falsely accused Him, specifically the pharisees. Jesus delivered a man from a a deaf and mute spirit, and these pharisees Jesus of casting out demons, by the power of a high ranking demon named Beelzebub.

Jesus’ response was amusing, He stated “a house divided cannot stand… If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand?

Let’s pray: 

Lord Jesus, I pray for your power, wisdom and discernment to come against demonic forces and plots against our minds, hearts, bodies, relationships and finances. Teach us, continue to teach us, what is in your control and responsibility and what is our part in doing. I give you the freedom and the invitation to fight for us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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