Devotional 1/16

And they compel one Simon a Cyrenian, who passed by, coming out of the country, the father of Alexander and Rufus, to bear his cross. Mark 15:21

I wonder how much of what weighs you down, is not yours to carry.

Simon the Cyrenian helped Jesus carry the cross to Calvary for a little while. We don’t know must about this man Simon, but we do know he was a Cyrene and that he was known within the disciples. This man came forward to help Jesus carry His cross. Simon was “compelled” to help the Lord Jesus. Just like we are moved to help others carry the weight of their cross in life. We may not help from beginning to end, but we do help for a season. In the same way God will send help our way. And we must not become attached to anyone, outside of covenant relationships like husband & wife.


  • forced
  • pressed into service


Instead of friendships, we have disciples/brothers and sisters. I was telling a friend, that none of the 11 disciples left after Jesus was betrayed, were a help to Jesus when He needed them to pray. Peter was ready to cut off a soldier’s ear, but that was by carnal impulse. Many of us make friends in the flesh, and immediately assume that these friendships are eternal: this is not the case. People come into our lives for a season, and as I previously said this CAN BE limited to covenant relationships like marriage partners, and exclusive family. Nobody is forced to be a part of your life, or to love you in return, not even family. I accepted long ago that I was born alone and therefore also walk alone, and many people have misunderstood my reasons for saying this, so I stopped saying so. But this is the truth, it is only a matter of time before people can truly understand what I mean; my life is mine to live. It is only I that can feed myself, care for myself and even motivate myself. For example, people can help by cooking for me… but I have to do the chewing, right? GWS_Wordcloud

We really are alone, which is not to be confused with lonely (even if we experience it as well). Jesus Christ went to pray alone, He was crucified alone, and He paid for our sins alone. We simply share moments with people, help them in any way we can and learn from them as well. We must all learn to carry our cross and put away self centered expectations (which are selfish desires, anyhow).

The cross represents:

  • burdens of love
  • human weakness
  • human suffering
  • surrender to God

This is the life God has called us to live. We help others, and without knowing so we also take up their burdens. Not everyone can or should make it their business to carry others crosses. It’s all good to love others, and help others, but we must also know when to hold off. Nobody knows the others life! I can be praying for someone and that person could be worshiping Satan, or at home sleeping, sexing, and clubbing- so what am I really doing? Many ‘prayer warriors’ need discernment. And in my attempts to clarify, let’s say I join forces with someone who is looking to overcome what I have overcome: this is good, because I have overcome (not in self denial claiming to be delivered in an area where I am not). But if I am weak in a certain area, or have open doors in my life, I make myself pray for Satan to attack me. We all need discernment and wisdom in order to efficiently help others. 


Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, thank you for your love and strength, and your new mercies each day. I ask you to continue imparting wisdom so that we may feed and water what YOU have planted. I pray for renewed desires to pray, fast and to read Your word. I also ask that you may increase our wisdom and discernment. May you continue to liberate us from evil, in Jesus name. Amen. 

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