Devotional 1/20

You have shown Your people hard things: You have made us to drink the wine of astonishment. Psalm 60:3

This is the true wine of astonishment: We are not over when we think we are.
Alice Walker

Lord Jesus, I read this Psalm today and I was able to identify with it. Thank you for your word, and your divine presence; I could not imagine my life without you God. Even with all the struggles, the frustrations and the processes, I thank you for your faithfulness and dedication to me. I present myself, my loved ones and those reading today to you: may you restore us, to a greater state than we were before.

God, I know we have made you angry. You have every right to reject us and destroy our defense. You have every right to break us; but please rebuild and make us strong again. Our lives feel like an earthquake hit, and our strong parts do not feel so strong anymore. Some parts of our strong walls are broken, while others are still standing. Please put us back together. 

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You have given your people many troubles, severe hard times. We are so out of it, we are falling down like drunks in desperation and some even in apathy. But you have provided us with a banner to show us, your faithful ones, where to go to escape the enemy’s attack. This banner I know is Jesus. I know that at the name of Jesus every thing must bow. Whatever affliction we face, you gave us Jesus as the name we find deliverance in. The name we find strength in, the name where we find freedom. You said in Isaiah that the enemy comes in like a flood, but that YOU would raise a banner against Him! Even when we are tired, hopeless or afraid you will fight for us. I know you are the Almighty and sovereign God, and the enemies we face cannot cross You. But God sometimes it feels like we are being taken over by the flood of the enemy. Raise up your standard Jesus, block Satan’s attacks and destroy his assignments God.

Use your great power and give us victory! Answer our prayer and save the people you love. Give us peace Lord, and rejoice in your victory. 

And God, it seems that you have left us! Like maybe you have added punishment to our process, or have forgotten your promises to us. Maybe you’ve been angry with us for our rebellions, but have compassion on us God, do not hide your face from us. You are not man that you should lie, so I know you remember us. Please help us to not lose hope in your faithfulness and mercy.

Give us grace to accept and even desire your perfect will. Help us defeat these enemies! Those who attack our minds, our bodies, our loved ones and our hearts: those who are trying to seduce us away from you, those who are perverting our thoughts, and those who are thwarting your purposes. No one on earth can rescue us. Only YOU God can make us strong again. Only YOU Lord God can defeat our enemies. So I come before you to ask you for the restoration of our faith and our joy.

In the matchless and all powerful name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

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