Devotional 2/4

No, even if everyone else is a liar, God will always do what he says. As the Scriptures say about him, “You will be proved right in what you say, and you will win when people accuse you.” Romans 3:4

God is the Great Engineer, creating circumstances to bring about moments in our lives of divine importance, leading us to divine appointments.
Oswald Chambers

When I meditated today I thought of a story in 2 Kings 7, where the prophet Elisha declared to the king of Israel what God had said about their financial crisis. He declared that their market and food supply would prosper. But the kings’ right hand man did not believe, and even defied God’s power by saying “even if God opened the floodgates of heaven, this would not happen”. The prophet, told him, He would see it come to pass, but he would not take part in it. Through these scriptures, I was able to laugh with God, because this time I was able to see that our breakthrough can come through the least expected of people. 

Image result for god is faithful to promise

The four men with leprosy were at the town gates, because God placed them there. He had orchestrated that they would be the ones to discover the treasure left by the enemy’s camp. This coincidence was ordained by God. God put a desire in these men, to get moving. They figured if we stay here, we will die if we go somewhere else we will die; if we live, great, if we die, fine. While on their way, they arrived at the Aramean camp but it was empty. God had scared them away by sending sounds of chariots, horses, and a large army! God scared them away. God had them leave everything behind: their tents with food, , clothes, silver and gold. And God had the 4 lepers ‘stumble’ upon it all. God even caused them to feel guilty for keeping it to themselves, and they decided to go to the king of Israel.

And the word which God had declared through the prophet Elisha, came to pass. The Israelites went to Aramean camp and took valuable things, and were able to buy/sell a basket of fine flour or two baskets of barley for only one shekel (29 cents). And the king’s right-hand man who had mocked Elisha and the word of God, (at the time of prophecy) was killed at the gate. He was able to see the fulfillment of the prophecy, but he was not able to enjoy any of it, just as God had said. It made me chuckle because leprosy, in the bible, was a sickness implemented because of people’s disobedience (Myriam the prophet, and Gehazi). Yet God used 4 of these outcasts, to bless His people. 

God has a mysterious of bringing His word to pass, but He is faithful to His word. God is not man that He should lie. What I received from this story, although it is a lot… is that:

  • We cannot belittle spiritual lepers. Spiritual lepers are people who are separated from God. People like those of the world, who do not know God at all and those who do know God and have been ‘cursed’ because of their disobedience. Spiritual lepers are also those with contagious spiritual diseases, like gossiping, bitterness, lying, inferiority complexes, etc.

God is in control. God speaks to us and we claim to receive His word, yet not many do. When we believe God, we let go of when, what, why and how. It is good to set goals, and have a vision because we all need direction. But God operates in sovereignty throughout certain times of our lives. He makes orchestrated moves according to HIS calendar. God is faithful to His word, but we need to walk in His diving timing. 

Let’s pray:

Father God, I thank you for this story and how you have revealed another point to us through it. I thank you that your word never fails, and that you esteem your word higher than your own name. I love your word, for it is life. I present our lives to you, may you help us rest in YOU so that we may make every divine appointment you have predestined for us. In Jesus name, Amen.  Image result for God's divine calendar appointments



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