Devotional 2/7

Godliness (devotion to God) with contentment (satisfied with what you have) is great gain. 1 Timothy 6:6-11

Learn to be to be content with what you have, while you pursue what you want.

Jim Rohn

Some time last year I went through a process called ‘be grateful’. I had went through an episode in life, where I felt shortchanged by life. Imagine giving somebody your all, and getting nothing in return? Giving your best and getting less than you gave… I almost went into bitterness.

Most of discontentment comes from unfulfilled expectations. Expectations are tricky, because I have sorrowfully learned that expectation can be a SET UP for disappointment. The only thing we should be expectant of, is the words that come from God. He does not lie, He doesn’t change His mind, or send mixed signals. He means what He says, and He says what He means. As human as we are we can still misinterpret what God says too… by holding on to our own carnal minded expectations and timelines. Discontentment is a weapon the enemy uses against us to make us sad, miserable and keep us feeling defeated.

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So, what is contentment anyhow?

Contenment: self-sufficiency, independence, contentment.
Contentment in greek: autárkeia
  • having all we need inside of ourselves, by God’s Holy Spirit in us.
  • a perfect condition of life, in which no aid or support is needed
  • a sufficiency of the necessaries of life
  • a mind contented with its lot

God is raising us. His work has not yet been completed, both believers and unbelievers alike. We learn in life to make ourselves happy! If we constantly focus on what we want and how we feel, we will find ourselves stuck in a stagnant place. Stagnation is a place of being stuck: likr those ponds which have no living waters flowing through it. Ponds get stale, the mud and everything around it get sucked into it… and then they go nowhere. This is how we get, we remain still with dirty water.

God calls us, to accept His will and His ways; after all, we aren’t in control- as much as we want to be! We can try as hard as we can, but we cannot control anyone or anything outside of ourselves. As a Christian, I have learned that we are called to die to ourselves: our desires, emotions, our time and expectations. We are even to surrender our outcomes and our expectations. Walking with Christ means becoming His servants; we had control but now we are His servants.

We are God’s servant. He is not our servant. Its up to us to chill out and believe God has our rewards. And He has freedom for us after we pass the levels of foundation. We can’t be like the Israelites who murmured and complained for 40 years. Their transition from the wilderness to the Promised Land was an 11 day trip, yet it became a 40 year journey.

I learned to be grateful. Grateful for everything and for anything. May you walk in this life of praise even from today! Be grateful for wakibg up! Having an agile and able body! Being able to breathe, smell, eat, drink, touch, see and taste! God didn’t have to give you these ‘ordinary’abilities, but he has! Be thankful for your job, your finances, your family and friends! Why not!? Life, and the enemy’s slick ways, can make us miserable as we overlook our blessings! Be grateful!!

Let’s pray:

Holy God, thank you for fresh revelation and for giving us understanding according to our spiritual maturity and hunger for you. I pray you may remove all spiritual veils, and heal all spiritual blindness. May those who do not know you, encounter you; may those who have lost sight of you, receive their vision once again; and may those who are growing in you, continue to grow in their knowledge and experience of you. I ask you for persistence, and for joy which is our strength to walk out 365 days of 2018. I pray for zeal, and strategies to function on your suprrnatural anointing. In Jesus name, amen.

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