Devotional 2/12

Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise. Jeremiah 17:14

Come to God for your healing. Don’t hesitate. God , who is so full of goodness and supply, is always willing to bless, preserve, heal and restore you.
Joseph Prince

Lord God almighty, thank you. I love you, you’re awesome and amazing. I thank you for your strength, but more for your faithfulness. Thank you for being our present help in time of need ; our strength, and succourer. You are the almighty champion, the everlasting father, the eternal God. You are Jehovah-Rapha, the God who heals us; the one who hung on the cross to take our shame, our sin and sicknesses. You said that if we follow your ways, and take heed to your voice that you would bless and heal us. You said in your word that the fervent prayer of the righteous avails to much, and you also say that your mercies are new every morning- which is why we aren’t worse off or dead. You ask us to be loyal to you; to not bow down before other gods, worship them or follow their practices. you said you desire our worship, and that your blessing would be in our food and our drink. You said and continue to say today, that you take away sickness and disease from among us, and you open and strengthen the wombs of your people. I stand in agreement with your word, that you may give us a full life span.

Lord I thank you for our bodies, I present them to you this day. May you touch our bodies by your mighty presence, make crooked paths straight and give us the daily the agility and ability to carry out our daily functions including those which seem mundane and those which are specialties according to our call and purpose. I pray for our nerves, tendons, ligaments, organs, bones, lymph nodes, neurons, and muscles: even our cells, blood cells, and chromosomes, look at our chemical and hormonal balance Lord. May you cover us entirely with your blood Jesus. May you drench out all of our impurities, and renew us by your incomparable spirit. Your word says that the same Spirit which resurrected Christ, is inside of us: and by the power of this life giving Spirit I know you can make all things new, even our physical bodies.Image result for god is the healer

I present to you our body functions, and systems, may you bring healing to any who may be suffering in any way and keep others from getting sick. I pray you re-energize us, and teach us powerful techniques to keep ourselves in the best shape outwardly and inwardly. I pray for our eyesight, and all of our senses, may they function as you have fearfully and wonderfully created them to.

I pray for those women who have been unable to become pregnant, and those men who have been sterile, touch their reproductive systems. I pray for those people who were born with DNA problems, may you realign their chromosomes Jesus. I know the enemy came to steal, kill and destroy- but I ask you to destroy the works of the devil as your word says: may Jesus meet them in their need. I also pray for those people, including children, who have been assigned abnormality and disability, may you work in their members as well: correct their neurological system.

I pray also for those people who suffer from insomnia, dementia, memory loss and depressive disorders, God correct those neurological hormonal imbalances. I thank you because I know you are greater than science. And I also know you allow certain things to glorify yourself, if we only believe.

I pray for each person who is obese, either because they lack self control or because of chemical activity in their bodies: may you help them to love themselves, and give them strategy to reach a place of great physical fitness and health. I pray for those people who suffer from anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders: may these people love themselves and learn to help themselves. I pray your bring healing to those who suffer from broken bones, shifting or inflated vertebrae discs, and even muscular or nerve damage.

I pray for all who have damaged their bodies in any way, either by self mutilation, vices or unwise eating habits: I pray you wash away the damage by your blood and shower wisdom and self control over these people. I pray for creative miracles for us all.

And finally Lord, I pray for all those aging. May each person age gracefully, may the person they see in the mirror make them feel loved, and deemed honorable. May no one feel depressed by seeing wrinkles, or gray hairs. I ask you Lord to reveal your love to the people who are sad because they are aging, and whose bodies have changed or are changing. I pray against any self rejection, depression or obsessions with vain things, to cope with aging- bring people to love them unconditionally God.

I ask you all these things God, so that we may all glorify you by faith as we live in healing and optimal health and fitness. In the matchless and all powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

Image result for god is the healer


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