Devotional 2/16

When the Lord saw the woman, he felt very sorry for her and said, “Don’t cry.” Luke 7:13

Be watchful- the grace of God appears suddenly. It comes without warning, to an open heart.

God’s will can be a challenging concept; things like someone dying, someone enduring sickness, becoming handicapped, or losing a home or employment… Although these are negative things that happens, and can make God look like the bad guy- He only allows it for His own personal reasons.  I can’t help to think of Christ, who was despised, beaten and crucified for the redemption of many; but in his humanity wrestled with His own will even for just a second. He asked God the Father, Lord pass this bitter moment from me- and in the same prayer, then came to Himself and thought ‘wait, never mind that God, please do your perfect will in my life.” Someone who has not completely surrendered their will to God, will find themselves depressed, angry and faithless in the face of God’s plans unfolding. We choose to die to ourselves, in order words we trade our plans and expectations for God’s plans and expectations. But surrender is an ongoing daily process: many of us believe to be surrendered, until we face God’s will with bitterness, restlessness, desperation or rebellion. Image result for John 15:15

I remember Naomi, who lost her three sons and her husband- according to God’s plan. He had orchestrated that Jesus Christ would come through the lineage of Boaz and Ruth. I remember Joseph, who was betrayed by his brothers and sold as a slave to Egypt. This was also according to God’s plan for the people of Israel, otherwise they would starve to death and be lost as a people; God allowed his suffering for an appointed timeIt’s important to remember that God is only after our best interests, even if we have to wait for a future time. When we surrender all, we see God’s mercy, favor and grace operating in the very areas which we surrender. The lord comforts us with His peace, His dreams and direction. We are no longer slaves, we are friends of God because He tells us what the Father says (revelation and strategy).  

God had compassion on this widow woman, as well as many others in the bible. Scripture says that this boy was her only son, and the interesting thing about this story, is that the Lord told her ‘don’t cry‘. if I’m going through a situation like this, and somebody tells me don’t cry… I would be a little bothered. But I believe Jesus said this, because God cares about our emotional life and He is willing to have compassion on us. God’s compassion changes our situations, which is why God asks us to live by faith and not by what we see. God has mercy on whomever He pleases, and ALL THINGS work for good for those who love God and who’ve been called according to His purpose. He is the God of suddenly, and can change our lives in an instant.  The sweet thing about this story is that this woman did not ask God for a miracle! But Jesus helped her. Again, this reminds me about Joseph, Ruth and Naomi who did not ask anything from God, at least not according to scripture- but God treated them with favor. Have you been thinking about things, that may not be recorded anywhere for any to know- yet God does… do you have a situation where God can have compassion on you? God is the God of suddenly!

I was going about my business, when suddenly God…

Let’s pray:

Jehovah, powerful and mighty God. I thank you for this word, and for the compassion you have on us such frail and weak vessels. May we be called to the resurrection of life, not to rebellion, bitterness, damnation, or shame. I pray for greater surrender in different areas of our lives, where we are able to give you what you require to excel in our purpose and calling. Just as the people witnessed do such a mighty work in the life of this family, may we be able to bring resurrection into people’s lives. May those around us see your goodness, not your judgment. I pray for words in our mouths that may glorify you, and hearts that may yield to your love so that we may be able to love others. In Jesus name, Amen.

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