Devotional 2/23

For us there is only one God, and he is our Father. All things came from him, and we live for him. And there is only one Lord, Jesus Christ. All things were made through him, and we also have life through him. 1 Corinthians 8:6

 The work of salvation is one in which all three act together: the Father purposing Redemption, the Son securing it, and the Holy Spirit applying it.
J.I Parker

I love reading the bible, not because I’m a writer but more so because I have seen the miracle working power of the scriptures. It is amazing to experience one bible phrase shift things in you, which you cannot see or touch. Or how the word of God goes to another time in your life, whether present or future, and fixes or alters something. Have you ever experienced this? God is all knowing, and all powerful: the past, the present nor the future are a big deal to Him. May Holy Spirit reveal the scriptures to you. Another reason I love the word, is because I love seeing God’s different attributes.

God The Father, Jehovah, Yahweh, The Eternal God.
Jesus the Son, the Redeemer, The Lamb of God.
Holy Spirit, The Counselor, The teacher, The consuming fire of God.
Our God is ONE. 

We do not serve three different God, but He does manifest in three distinct ways. I usually compare God’s trinity to water; liquid water, ice and vapor can all be recognized as water. Even we, created in the image of God, are a trinity: we are spirit, soul and body. Each part of us functions similarly but not the same.

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And in the same way in which we study our nature, we should study God’s nature. The nature of the Father, the Godhead. One of the first things that I received from God a while back, was that God is light and that God is perfect love. Whenever I find myself sad, anxious or stressed out I immediately know it is not God’s doing; but the work of the flesh. Because God is light, there can be no darkness in Him- no depression, no insanity, no disorder. So when you know this about God, you are able to see people in the way God does: He wants to free anyone who is wrapped in darkness. The other thing I firmly believe is that God is perfect and He loves me with a perfect love: not like human love, nowhere near it. Knowing that God loves us is the foundation of Christianity. God is perfect, so what He allows whether it seems good or not- is actually for our own good. He is so loving, that even when He corrects or punishes us, or makes us wait; He is working behind the scenes in our hearts and in our situations. We can also think about God’s amazing love, as the love a parent has for their child… to the 100th root.

Imagine stepping on someone’s toes every single day and having them forgive you again and again. Show you affection, appreciation and even surprise you with gifts, and favors when all you deserve is a smack in the face. I remember being sneaky and rebellious a young girl; I was incredibly disrespectful and offensive. Yet somehow my mom and dad still managed to care for me; even now, I look back and think wow… I would’ve disowned me. God is like that with us, He shows us His goodness and His favors, when we don’t deserve them and He even acts kindly when we don’t ask for His help. I never asked my parents for anything, because… I know I was undeserving, yet they still provided for me and demonstrated their love for me. When we have genuinely loved someone, we will always have love for that person, despite the wrongs committed or the distance. If you have ever loved, even at 2% then you know that love lasts forever; it goes beyond offense, deceit, betrayal, and disappointment. It is patient, and forgiving. Our love is similar to God’s love which is never ending, but His love is even greater than the way we are able to love.

And since God loves us this much, that He even decided to come to this earth and be spit on, rejected and mocked by His own creation- why do we doubt that He will make all things work for our good? If God continues to pursue us despite our shortcomings and rebellions, why are we hesitant? If the Spirit continues to work in us, while we are busy neglecting Him- why do we suspect that God is out to harm us or keep us from enjoy life? 

Let’s pray:

Father God, you are awesome! Thank you for always reminding me of your attributes, I thank you for the way you deal with me. For having confidence in me, to understand your precepts and your peculiar ways. May the power of your might, direct  and strengthen us. May your power and love sustain and preserve us. May your wisdom continue to instruct us. and may you hand and fire protect us. I remember Joseph said, ‘ they meant it for harm but God meant it for good’, may we stand on that. I remember your justice Lord, when Naaman arranging for his name to be exalted, you embarrassed him and honored Mordecai before all the people, may we stand on that. I remember it was David who said, ‘the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever’, and I know he went through a lot in his journey as your servant, may we stand on that. I remember Hannah saying ‘who is the Lord except our God?’, after years of provocation at the hands of Penninah, may we stand on that. And I sure do remember Joshua saying ‘You all can serve whichever God you want, but me and my house; we will serve the Lord!’, Lord Jesus may we stand on that. In Jesus name, Amen.  

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