Devotional 3/2*

Your body is the temple of God. If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him; for God’s temple is sacred. 1 Corinthians 3:17

(Porn) rewires the brain so that what becomes arousing is an image, rather than a person. And it distorts people’s sexuality, so that we concentrate solely on the physical aspects of sex, and not on the emotional and spiritual connection.
Sheila Wray Gregoire

Many watch porn, yet many of us also don’t. But all the like many enjoy porn in their minds, in books and other media. When I studied Culture and Deviance behavior in John Jay, sex and culture was one of my most interesting classes. We discussed things like sex workers with a good cause, like those who provide sexual favors for disabled people. And also the different practices in the BDSM, relating to abnormal sexual ‘preferences’, even associating these with mental issues. At one point, back in history, being promiscuous, homosexual, and having sex with animals were all abnormal to society. And as it pertains to God, He still says that these are against His will and commandments. Society may change, but God does not change.

The reason I chose a quote about porn, is because fornication in Greek is translated to ‘Pornea”. And much of our media and social media are desensitizing us concerning sex, hence they are also pornography. Music, TV, magazines, movies and social media use sexual images and sexual scenes to promote their producta, their brand, and themselves. What we do not see is that they are promoting free sex. You may say what’s the big deal, sex is amazing. And yes I agree with you, it sure is. But it also is a foundation to something much greater.Image result for sex bed defiled

God created man and woman, and He told them to have sex and fill the earth. God tells us to ravish each other (in marriage), meaning have sex in a passionate and intense way. But God also says enjoy the woman of your youth, when you are old- meaning don’t look for a younger one when she’s older. The bible also warns us against cheating on our spouses. And finally, God also says to keep the marriage bed undefiled, meaning keep it pure, keep it clean and keep it uncorrupted. These terms may sound strange in relationship to sex, but what God means is simple. In terms of purity, God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral (Hebrews 13:4). He wants us to be loyal in marriage, not in a perverted type of loyalty- like an open marriage (when partners agree to be married, yet have other relationships on the side). God does not agree with this, neither with threesomes, orgies or sexual religious rituals. When God says clean, He means no blood (sex during menstruation) or in the anus (sodomizing). And when He says uncorrupted, He is speaking of the individuals honoring one another- the body of the man is no longer his own, it belongs to his wife and vice-versa. There should be no usurping authority, no maid-master type of  relationship, as both equally important.

This all sounds like an unknown language to the world, because the world is used to its own customs. But we are not of the world, and we are not to act like the world does. Cheating, having sex before marriage, anal sex, threesomes, and even forms of prostitution are normal in the world’s eyes; but they are not to God. The reason why, is because God created the man and the woman. he created them to have ruler-ship and government over the earth, the animals, the ecosystem, and the humans that would come. God’s ideal story would be marriage, and family. Healthy families, create a healthy world. There is a reason God created two men, one with a penis, and the other with a womb (wombed-man= woman). God did not intend for single parenting, or rolling stones fatherhood: this is evident in that only sperm cells and egg cells can create a child. This was created by God, sex was created by God. We must have the patience, reverence and commitment it requires to do it and fully enjoy it, in God’s time and God’s way. 

Let’s pray:

Lord, thank you for calling us out of the world. As challenging as it may be, I rather have you than to have the world and its ways. I present our bodies to you, may you help the single people when we are in heat. May you show us the escape when in the face of temptation, and may you give us deeper convictions to take the escape when it is before us. I also pray for our souls, may we not become discouraged or desperate for love, affection, attention or sex- may you give us these in those interesting ways in which you know how. I pray also for those who are married, may religion not stand in the way of anyone’s sexual satisfaction. May you protect the marriages, and enamore each individual to their spouse. May you cover them in the face of fantasy and/or actual cheating, I pray for loyalty, commitment and self control for them. i also present to you any discord, or miscommunication; may your unconditional love continue to teach them to forgive and to forget. I ask you to protect the marriage bed, so that it may not be undefiled. May you free any and everyone we know who is in sexual immorality of any type. In Jesus name, Amen. 

Image result for sex scripture SONGS OF SOLOMON



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