Devotional 3/9

There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death. Proverbs 14:12

Human beings have a demonstrated talent for self- deception when their emotions are stirred.
Carl Sagan

I know that everyone these days is free to do as they please. free to abort unborn children, free to choose their spouses, and free to change their gender/sexual organs. Yes, we have free will but God’s will is perfect and pleasing. God assigned our sexual organs, even those who are androgynous types (hermaphrodites). We cannot push aside that sin has consequences as I discussed yesterday, and some possible reasons for birth defects are developmental issues, malnutrition, extreme levels of stress or sadness, hormonal imbalances, and spiritual things like works of witchcraft, voodoo or enchantments. We often open the door for the enemy, and then cry out to God when we realize he is making our life miserable. Image result for being gay is a sin

Many of us have daddy issues, and molestation issues which lead us into promiscuous and/or homosexual relationships. We may also be seduced, or stirred by the curiosity, our ambitions, rebellion and even searching for love. We have all experience some form of manipulation stemming from our souls, and the enemy plays with us like puppets. God is not pleased in homosexual lifestyles, or lifestyles entailing adultery or sex before marriage; even if you consider yourself a believer– God says we will not enter the kingdom of God, living these kind of lifestyles. It does not mean God loves us any less, or that He hates us: but He is Holy and uncleanliness nor darkness can enter into His Holy Kingdom. To be quite honest I ask myself often, if I would make it to heaven anyway. We are all sinners. 

I’d like to share a post I wrote 4 years ago on Facebook:

You are not a boy, girl. You still have to sit down to pee, you have beautiful breast made to feed a newborn child. You are not a boy, you are a womb-man to hold that child you can only make with some sperm. No, you still cant produce sperm, maybe you can buy it and maybe even pretend as you strap it on. Yes, you are still a girl. As much as you hate to believe. I wish I could tell you “its true, you were made to be a boy”. But I won’t preach lies, and I won’t sell them, even though i know you will go to the ends of the world to buy them.

Maybe I introduced you into liking girls, maybe my imagination complemented yours. Maybe I applauded the inclinations to choose to be gay, kissing the boys and the girls. Yea, homosexuality. Maybe once I considered that we were born this way, or that we needed to rebel against the norms of this world. Or maybe I couldn’t come up with a better excuse to dumb down my desires to reenact the pornography and indulge in the fantasies I saw in my head, because you know why be who they want you to be? We were taught to be a certain way, why should we accept? So I said “try this, and break free”.

I’m sorry for being that one, and forgive me for feeding you additional lust. I’m sorry to be here tonight, being the one to tell you today that you really aren’t free. And since you’re halfway through reading this. I invite you to confide in me. It was our secret back then, I can still be loyal today. In confidence, climbing over the walls I have built I wanna be that water in the desert.

I’m sure it feels good, I’m sure you feel free, being different, acting nonchalant walking in the shadow of your purpose. Maybe you’ve been violated, disrespected, rejected by those who were supposed to love you. Maybe you’ve been dismissed. Maybe your body just likes the pleasure that you feel. But there’s a higher thrill. There’s a higher calling your soul wants to fill. Jesus is knocking at your door, is your heart open to let him be real?

Still I remind you, you don’t have to believe me, but I see it in your eyes, there’s a part of you, that is not completely convinced, with the imagination you perceive as real, I tell you that you can be free from the idea your mind is set to conceive. The image you want to portray, the life you try to breed. I’ve been called to set the captive free. He who the Son sets free is free, Indeed. God bless you.

Image result for sperm and egg make baby


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