Devotional 3/11

But if you have bitter envy and self-seeking in your hearts, do not boast and lie against the truth. This wisdom does not descend from above, but is earthly, sensual, demonic. For where envy and self-seeking exist,confusion and every evil thing are there.  James 3:14-16

Methods of manipulation: Subliminal manipulation 

As an evangelist, God has trained me to see the condition of people’s hearts while in the streets and while speaking to those I am acquainted with. It is not always a pretty sight, and I have made the mistake in the past of attaching myself to people’s process and condition in order to help. But I quickly learned that this is not of God, this is to be carnally minded. False balances are an abomination to God. We cannot claim to do anything in the name of Jesus, yet expect the outcome as we desire. We cannot sow seed and be saddened when it does not grow at our speed. And we cannot give, in order to receive anything. I always point people inwards before pointing them to the cross. I do this because most of not all people have to know the condition of their hearts, before coming to God. As we live life, we will experience a bittersweet journey called ‘Life’. And life will teach us things no person can teach. Our reactions to life tell us what is hidden in our hearts. And everyone has SELF FOCUSED reasons (motives) for doing things; many claim and even believe that they are driven by a desire to please God or to give God glory. It is not true: many people receive love, validation and blessings from what they do in the name of God: and this is their driving force. God knows and He reveals the condition of our hearts, for prayer, and as warning.Image result for outsmart God

Rebellion is as the sin of manipulation, and manipulation is witchcraft. Many believe manipulation to be a problem with control, but it is a wicked scheming that comes from the flesh and satanic wisdom. Rebellion stems from a heart issue called, I am obsessed with getting what I want or think I deserve. It is to defy Gods ways, which is to use schemes to manipulate situations. This is contamination of spirit. And will very quickly and easily contaminate ministry and all those who surround them, as well as destroy spiritual purity and oneness with God. Only God knows the true condition of our hearts. He knows our secret desires both good and bad, He knows the desires we have which we know are not even His will and He also knows whether we are truly after pleasing Him or ourselves. I’ve observed that people do not know themselves, I seem to forget and do what most people do- which is to assume that people know themselves because they LOOK good on the outside. I warn you today, God will destitute you, who live in denial and secret pride, and replace you, Saul with king David. Selfish people have their recompense, even when God loves and uses them. 

It’s true that God blesses our obedience, it is true that God loves us in an unconditional way so that we may love ourselves and love others and it is true God gives us purpose. But without assessing our hearts we will put on a good show, and do this for quite possibly our entire life, but that is not how God wills us to live. God desires that we be unattached from His blessings and the outward gratification from serving him. God wants us to love and serve Him, if He does absolutely NOTHING else for us. This means that we cannot be sad or bothered when we do not receive what we plan or desire. The Bible says that ‘Jesus wept’, but He wept when Lazarus died. Jesus did not cry when people disappointed him, or when the Father allowed that He be betrayed or denied. Jesus did not cry because His followers left him, He did not shed tears when He was accused nor because He felt afraid. Jesus was not attached to the fact that some people would love him, and some would reject Him. He loved, He was not obsessed and had no underlying intentions than to do the will of God. He made an offering, and released the outcome to each person’s will. If Jesus used love, as an excuse to manipulate and orchestrate every soul’s eternal outcome- He would not have been able to trust that His offering on the cross was enough for redemption. Instead he let god, and did His part- and left the rest up to our free will (we choose God by free will).

As I said, life will show us what is in our hearts. And most of what is in our hearts is deceit. The Bible says so, not I. The grace God enables us to have can feel like a burden, because to whom much is given much is required. I’ve always had a good eye to see people’s hearts, and it’s the reason I am so confrontational, so encouraging and at times even practice avoidance not only to protect myself, but also to not be contaminated. Pray that God reveals the condition of your heart, and do not focus so much on others without being whole yourself. 


Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, I thank you for your spiritual gift of discernment. I pray you open the eyes of those who do not have this gift. I also pray for those who live self preoccupied agendas, even if they are in denial. I pray you release us by your problem from those who use wisdom to take advantage and even orchestrate situations. I pray for wisdom and strategy to release ourselves from the hand of the enemy, in Jesus name. Amen.

Image result for manipulation is witchcraft


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