Devotional 3/15

For if you live according to the flesh you will die, but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live. Romans 8:13

Jesus sees our sins more clearly than anyone, yet loves us more than anyone.

Sin is what happens when we are dissatisfied with God. I have always known and believed this. There is one to thing to be a born sinner, but another to be a Christ professing believer and live in sin. A few weeks ago I wrote about having to guard our souls from discontentment, because it paves the way for sin. We sin, and we make mistakes, but we must get up and get right. We decide to get right, nobody can convince or force us. And this depends greatly on our perception of God. When we are disappointed or bored with life, our relationships and/or God: we find outside fixes. We tend to self medicate with sin.

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Once in sinful behavior, it can become a routine- despite of how long you wanted or expected to be in it. It hardens our hearts towards God and the people we are discontent with. For example, a husband may feel his wife is a mother- and neglects him as a husband. His mind will wander, his eyes will too- because he is discontent, and next thing you know he is in some kind of sin: adultery, pornography, strip clubs, secret lovers, substance abuse, etc. The longer this goes on, the more attached this husband becomes to the sin, and will eventually harden his heart against his wife. We are the same, as I said in relationships and with God. God doesn’t exactly lead us through an easy path. He doesn’t manifest His promises in our timing or in our way. And many times, we confuse this for God not loving us: “if God doesn’t give us what we want, it means He does not love me”. Our desire for God decreases and we lose our direction. Our vision gets blurry, and we lose direction in God. Our hearts and thoughts of God become contaminated, and God is no longer a good God of mercy but a God of punishment and rules. What we truly believe about God loses its strength, and what we believe to get from God and serving Him makes no difference.

The knowledge we have of God or His word is not enough to sustain us in this walk. We walk by what has been revealed to us. We all believe that we know what is best for us, because we love ourselves; the truth is we do not know ourselves more than God knows us and we certainly do not love ourselves more than God does. This is when the revelation of God’s love becomes vital. If we do not know that HE loves us in a perfect love, it doesn’t help us to trust Him and therefore live holy lives. We tend to self medicate with sin, resorting to outward activities that are immediately gratifying and those which offer a thrill to our minds, wills and emotions (our souls). The issue with sin, is that it is temporary, the thrill goes away and w find ourselves on empty and wanting more. This is when settling for our own will, makes us happy for the moment: eases our stress, helps us cope with the circumstances of life and offers excitement. We all sin, and we all get seduced away from God at some point. Some are seduced by lies, other by seeking outside validation (recognition, affection), chasing after people (love) or money and many by their own self gratifying pleasures (sexual pleasure, vanity, pride, ambitions). (Some people confuse sex with love, and some people exchange money for relationship so these are simply generalizations.)

When we do sin, we should not condemn ourselves and hide from God. While we still have life, there is more God can and will do. While we still have life, we can choose to  change our minds and our lives. Adam and Eve sinned, and hid from God. They made themselves ‘clothes’ from plants, but He made them coats from animal fur. That is Grace. He sovereignly orchestrates for us to get back into His path. And gives us better quality, than what we can provide for ourselves. But why wait until you are spiritually dead to come back to God?

Let’s pray:

Father God, Have mercy on our  minds and emotions, we come before you to acknowledge any and all of our sins. Lead us back to holiness and sustain us that we many not enter a cycle of sin. I confess Psalm 141, because I believe that you will bless your word as we call out to you to help us avoid sin. Lord, I call to you. Come quickly. Listen to me when I call to you. Let my prayer be like incense placed before you, and my praise like the evening sacrifice. Lord, help me control my tongue; help me be careful about what I say. Take away my desire to do evil or to join others in doing wrong. Don’t let me eat tasty food with those who do evil. God, I look to you for help. I trust in you, Lord. Don’t let me die. Protect me from the traps they set for me and from the net that evil people have spread. Let the wicked fall into their own nets, but let me pass by safely. In Jesus name, Amen. 


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