Devotional 3/17

I will give them a heart to know me, that I am the Lord. They will be my people, and I will be their God, for they will return to me with all their heart. Jeremiah 24:7 

Real Christianity can never be reduced to knowing about God. We must go on to knowing God.

Father God, thank you for this day.

Thank you for allowing us to see today, for reasons that only you know. I thank you that we have your love and the knowledge of your invincible power to walk us through life. I present Ash and the other people who I know which have approached me concerning their mental battles and the idea of seeking helps or drugs to calm the storm. I pray for your peace through it all Lord Jesus, that peace that surpasses understanding, that strange peace that sustains us in the hardest of situations. I pray you increase their faith God, deal with those parts of your hearts that need your light, your love and your understanding.Image result for i know about God know God

Search our hearts God, and show us where fear, or discontent has made it’s hope. I know that we know you, and we know your word but reveal yourself Jesus. Increase our understanding and wisdom of you and your matchless power. You raise the dead, you are sovereign, you alone know and see all things. Even the devil has to ask you for permission to come against us, just like the bible says about Job and Peter. My God have mercy on our souls, look at our emotions and how frail we are. Look at our desires, perceptions and ambitions; god if it’s not for us help us change our minds concerning those things. Train us to dominate our thought life, and calm our anxious minds.

Sometimes it’s dark for really long time, before we can see the break of day- but just like Jacob, who fought the angel and won, he was changed from Jacob to Israel. May my people no longer be Jacobs, may we all become Israels. You can do it God, I know you can. May we be free in the name of Jesus, by the power of your blood and the word of our testimony. May we not confess things, which allow the devil to think he is winning. May we faith it til we make it God.

Your word says that YOU take us from glory to glory and faith to faith, I know this challenge they are facing is only another testimony in the making. I know that they are being tested as Gold, purified by your fire. Purify us God, and let us know you in a powerful earthshaking conviction causing way as they make their way through this process.

We all have giants to kill, we may knock them down like David or trap them in caves like Joshua- but both of them had to KILL their giants. I know we are giant slayers, and maybe we defeated 1 giant, but Goliath had 4 other brothers who were giants and who came to attack David after he killed their brother. Joshua too, had 5 kings trapped in a cave and after he did what he had to do for his people, he went back to the cave to finish his business! May we have the TENACITY to keep fighting.

May you turn our morning into dancing, and remove any spirit of heaviness into garments of praise. May the things we believe and obsess about be replaced by conviction of your word and self confidence in knowing that the enemy may come one way but he will flee 7 ways. That when the enemy comes against us like a flood, you raise up a standard against him. This banner is the love you have for us where you protect us and fight for us. Even when Paul was on his way to Rome, under arrest to see Caesar, and the boat was destroyed you told him he would make it alive. Even if we feel like we are dying God, and everything is falling apart- may we be strengthened knowing that Paul made it and we will too. Even when the disciples were on the boat and the waves were roaring, and beating on their boat- you God, were sleeping inside. You were with them yet they still feared, they still doubted your love. They doubted that you would bring them to other side and that they would make it, they asked God ‘are you going to let us die?”, while you were there with them Lord Jesus. May you command the restless souls to be still, and rebuke them in their faithless ways.

Increase our faith, reveal to us what true faith is, and help us surrender everyday more. I pray for increased wisdom in order to download strategies from heaven to help us through every AND any situation. May we not doubt that you are God over the universe, and not some God we read about- or some God in heaven faraway who is a bossy dictator making demands, may we not simply know of a God that our families follow but may we know you and the power of your resurrection. May we live a resurrected life.

In the incomparable and matchless name of Jesus, Amen. 

Image result for i know about God know God


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