Devotional 4/7

When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. Proverbs 11:2

Pride blinds men. They will not accept wisdom to avoid trouble and shame. They resent being taught or corrected by others.
They are overconfident.


Many people only know that God is good, but they do not know the God of fire, the God of wrath, and of judgment. God cannot be mocked. If we do wrong, we will do wrong despite of any justification we may come up with. This is why repentance is so necessary. It is an everyday experience, and if you have ever had a hardened heart as I have- pray for God to turn your heart around. I was in sin, and had to ask God to give me a ‘repented heart’. When we refuse to repent the Lord’s hand is heavy on us- like king Saul, king Herod, Hosea’s wife and Satan himself. God will allow us to reach a point of no return and eventually be destroyed because of arrogance and hardness of heart (rebellion).See the source image

God extends His grace to those who have a repented heart, not those who do not allow themselves to become hard hearted. People like Peter, David and Solomon found grace in the eyes of God, because they did not allow their hearts to be hardened by their wrong thoughts, behavior and desires. The reason I say allow, is because God tells us DO NOT to harden your hearts when you hear His voice, like the people of Israel did when they were in the desert’ (Hebrews 3:8).

It’s our responsibility to maintain a heart of humility and gratitude, in the same way it is our responsibility to not cross the street when cars are coming. We are to avoid the hardening of our hearts. The people of Israel became bitter, complaining and murmuring against God and those He placed as leaders, and the grass seemed greener on the other side. When we allow our hearts to become hardened, Egypt looks better than being in the wilderness with God. This is because they are led by their self absorbed flesh: PRIDE, HAUGHTINESS, ARROGANCE, CONCEIT. A hardened hearts makes foolish and shameful decisions; but humility will set us on the right path. Prideful people refuse instruction, counsel and correction.

Satan was not content to be God’s anointed cherub; he wanted to be like God. His discontent allowed pride to settle in his heart, and his hard became hardened making him unable to think clearly. He brought shame and judgment to his life, God threw him out of heaven. King Saul also did not repent when he disobeyed God in keeping Amalek alive. He looked to justify his decisions, demonstrating that king Saul was overconfident in his decision making. I believe that if he had humbled himself and sought God’s forgiveness, God would have forgiven him. Instead because Saul allowed pride to harden his heart, God took His Spirit from him.

Let’s pray:

Lord God Almighty, today I ask that you be God our healer, Jehovah Raphah! Heal us all from any discontent, anger, bitterness or hatred towards our lives, ourselves or others. I pray you would reconcile us to your heart, may you give us all a heart of repentance because I know you can do it. I pray that the proud are humbled, and that the and that the angry are filled with your perfect and unconditional love, may those who are discontent receive a garment of praise and of gratitude; and Lord I ask for those who are filled with resentment, may you also humble to see that they too are imperfect and have wrong others. I humbly ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

See the source image


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