Devotional 4/10

We have not received the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us. 1 Corinthians 2:12

I reminded myself that means… I always have the power to be who I used to be, who I am now, or who I want to be in the future.
It’s my choice, every day and in every situation.

Today I want to remind us all, that things happen in the spiritual realm long before they happen in the physical realm. God knows many things before they happen, but not everything is foreordained because our choices make a difference. You see, God reorders our steps, and knows how and what will align us back to His will when we’ve ventured away and this makes Him sovereign. He saves us, mends our brokenness, and capacitates us which demonstrates His grace. And then there is God’s endless mercy and faithfulness to the called: these are at work when He makes ALL things work for our good, even those that are meant for evil. But what about our free will?   See the source image

We cannot try to understand God, because we were not around to advise Him while He was creating the universe and all all that was created. But according to the bible and prophesy, God has decreed and conditional promises/prophesy. This means that God sets in stone what will happen, and when. God created everything, and He also created space and time!

God has a predestined conditional will, scheduled with divine appointments and favorable seasons and He also has a decreed will. All of God’s promises are Yes, and Amen… if you stay and grow in the Lord. God works all things out for those who love God, who are called, and called to His purpose. That scripture is God’s promise to those who have answered the call, and have demonstrated their love for Him by their obedience, and those who are after God’s purpose (not their own selfish endeavors). I know you don’t read the Bible like me, but God’s will for your life is conditional.

God is not a man that He should lie, but what we receive from God is not decreed: it is not a guarantee, it’s manifestation is very much up to us. The Lord is merciful and His ways and His thoughts are way better and much higher in esteem than ours. Can you live some time in sin, and God still bless your ministry and fulfill the prophesy He declared over you? Of course, but let me be as clear and direct as I can be: God is GOD, and He doesn’t owe you anything. God doesn’t lie, but He is holy and faithful to His written word.

For example, if you flirt with a married man, you will reap seeds of adultery. Why? Because God is the Just Judge, and He will not be mocked: we reap from what we sow. The Lord is love, but also a consuming fire: He can be merciful towards you if you insist on living in sin- but Romans 9:16 says that GOD’S MERCY IS NOT UP TO US… IT IS ONLY UP TO GOD. So seek repentance, because Mercy can someday be withheld from you.

The best way that I can put it, is in that there’s a secret place in us which only God knows. For instance, the teenager David being anointed, yet not serving as king until 20 years later. God knew that He had chosen David, for a specific time period, and He also knew the preparation David would needto have before entering His appointed season as King over God’s people.

We must be diligent, and work God’s promises and prophesies out, just like David, Joseph and Paul. Imagine that Jesus Christ appeared to Paul, and declared “you will be an instrument of my glory”, and Paul turned around and decided to settle for a life of sin. I’m certain God would have pursued him, and attempted to romance him in order to win his heart- but ultimately God’s character respects our FREE WILL.

The Bible speaks says that God planned them and knew of many things before they happened. But one of the things that make God upset, is when we choose to discard God. We do not acknowledge Him and refuse to to seek His desire. Let’s run this race with perseverance, towards the finish line. And prepare ourselves to receive God’s promises over our lives. As Joyce Meyer says, DO YOUR BEST AND LET GOD DO THE REST.

Let’s pray:

Lord God, omniscient Almighty eternal father. According to your word in Psalm 86, please listen to us and answer our prayers. We are your followers, so please protect us. We are your servants, and you are our God. We trust in you, Jesus, save us and be kind to us. I present all your servants God, make us happy according to your goodnessand mercy. Lord, teach us your ways, so that we live in obedience to your truths. Help us to make worshiping your name the most important thing in our lives. In Jesus name, Amen.


See the source image

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