Devotional 4/14*

Yea, before the day was, I am He, and there is none that can snatch out of My hand; I will work, and who shall hinder it? Isaiah 43:13

The torment of uncertainty. Sometimes when all hell is breaking loose, you don’t know if you are coming out. You talk like you’re coming out: but sit at home, looking out the window, wondering “Lord.. I don’t know. I don’t know.” TD Jakes

Only God knows how our story is going to end. Only He can see the end from the beginning, and quite honestly life is not like the stories in the bible. We don’t know how things will play out, neither do we know how things will end. And the problem with uncertainty is that we quote scriptures, attend services, experience the move of God in healing and deliverance, tongue speaking and prophesying… but none of this gives us the certainty that we need to be assured of making it, overcoming out or crossing over. Some time ago, I recall God dealt with me concerning the concept of His own name’s sake.

When God says, no one can snatch you out of My hand’: He means ‘you are secure in my hands’. Even if you let go of me, I hold on to you. Even if you believe the devil’s lies and walk away, or if your flesh over powers you, I hold you. There is a safety and security in being God’s property. No one can resist God’s will, not even when we try. It is not that God intrudes into our lives, but that according to His deep knowledge of us and His purpose, He sovereignly and gracefully orchestrates our lives to His pleasure.  Remember Sampson? Sampson, lost his life- but He fulfilled God’s will! Similarly King David failed God yet fulfilled God’s will and purpose. See the source image

Somebody that comes to mind is Peter. The impulsive Peter, who became defensive when he was told that he would fail Jesus. He was so drawn by the moment and his emotions that he even declared, I would never deny you Lord! Peter never imagined He would deny His Lord. But you see the Lord knew what the future held: he knew Satan was waiting for an entrance and he knew of Peter’s weaknesses. But God is always ahead of us, even when we forget the warning, the teaching, the dream, the scripture… In Luke 22:31-32, Jesus offered him a prophetic word of knowledge, of direction and encouragement, saying: “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. I’ve prayed for you, and I prayed that your faith does not fail you. After you have repented, strengthen your brothers and sisters in the faith.” We can learn much about God’s sovereignty and Absolute power through the Apostle Peter’s story.

  • God brings warnings before any battle. He says who attacks and where we will be attacked.
  • The Lord intercedes for us, and makes us aware of the area and strategy we should focus on. Christ prayed that Peter’s faith would not fail, therefore he told him to focus on building his FAITH. We build our faith, by declaring what we believe, defending and guarding our beliefs.
  • He gives us hope for the future. And makes inference of the outcome. He told Peter, you will overcome this part of your life. And when you do, I have already separated the people who need your help, so help them!

“When God works upon the heart of a sinner at conversion, whatever obstructions and difficulties are in the way, these are removed, and the work is begun, and carried on, and performed, until the day of Christ (John Gill). Jehovah has no problem presenting Himself as the Great I AM! He challenges anyone and everyone when He says I will work, and who could stop Me? The work of the Lord in his church, and in His people, and ultimately in this world is not able to be hindered. He had already decided that Peter would be an apostle, and that he would take the Gospel to all the earth. He has already decided Sampson would defeat the Philistines, and that David would be in the lineage of the Messiah. The work of redemption is done or completed according to the blueprint God has (for our individual lives) in His eternal mind. We are not able to grasp it, nor understand it, we are only asked to walk by faith. And while believing in God is painful and being faithful can be such a debilitating process, God knows what He is doing and why He allows every thing. He has already decided who you are, and He has the strategy for you to get through it. The only thing God requires of us, is a repented heart and faith.

Let’s pray:

Father God, you are awesome Jesus and there is no God besides you. We may not deserve your goodness and mercy, but you always come after us. You cannot be controlled, You always succeed: THERE IS NONE HIGHER THAN YOU. Forgive us for not believing that you love us, that you are for us and that you have our best interest at heart. Forgive us for doubting you, and believing that the enemy or even our nature is stronger than your power. I ask you holy God, to strengthen our faith and help us to walk this faith journey believing that we are secure in your salvation. Break the chains of fear, anxiety, uncertainty and doubt from off our minds and hearts in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

See the source image



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