Devotional 4/15

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10

By relying on God’s great wisdom and loving intentions, we’ll have confidence to rest in His care.

GOD and SATAN know our human nature, God created us while Satan has studied our every move. And because we do not know ourselves in depth- at least not the way God does, let’s humble ourselves to ask God to search our hearts and create a new heart in us.

I believe it is safe to say that our ambition in life should be to please God. It’s good to have a genuine desire to live out the purpose for which we have been created. Anything other than this, is insignificant and quite honestly a waste of time. Even before you were born, God predetermined what He wanted to accomplish in, through, with and for you. Seeking to serve God or seeking our purpose is God’s will, and therefore God blesses us with numerous tangible and spiritual blessings along the way. But the main issue for God is our lack of acknowledgement for Him. How can we please God if our hearts are still self conscious?

What do I mean by self conscious? The enemy came to steal, kill and destroy and he knows how to work against us. Our HUMAN NATURE thinks of itself first, and of God second: and Satan knows this very well. We think self concerned things like: WHAT ABOUT ME, WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME, OR WHEN WILL IT BE MY TURN, I COULD’VE, I WOULD’VE, I SHOULD’VE, ETC. This demonstrates to God that our flesh is still self led, and opens doors for Satan like you wouldn’t believe (even while we can be yielding to most of His word and commandments). Our hearts are deceiving, and today I would like for us to be like David.

Satan’s ultimate desire is to debilitate us, so he schemes to steal our joy. He wants our minds, for us to lose our sanity (to be confused, indecisive, over thinkers, anxious, fearful and unorganized), so he looks to destroy our peace. And his ultimate desire is that we go to hell with him, making his sole purpose to kill our faith. From a human perspective God’s plans seem slow and His requirements, hard tasks to follow. And although we have the help of God’s grace in us, by His Holy Spirit- we simply cannot help but to reason like a human being at times. Remember when Jesus rebuked Satan, when Peter contended that He wouldn’t be crucified? It’s necessary that we understand that man’s logic or perspective is not of God but of the devil. So when you have these types of thoughts, we must rebuke them in the name of Jesus!

The Bible says that one day is a thousand years and one thousand years one day, for God. This is when we become tired of the wait. If any of you have been waiting for anything, you know that it’s tough to wait! I honor you for your effort and dedication, and your demonstration of faith. I do believe God merits our effort. The word says that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. We seek God for His will: for His heart, not His hand. This is not to be confused with being used by Him, or to become obsessed with where we are going or where we should be: but to have a heart like God’s own heart.

God make my heart more like yours, create in me a pure heart.

Let’s pray:

Most High God, El Elyon, Father of Lights. We come before you to ask that you illuminate every dark place in our hearts. We will refuse to think that we are a finished product, or even that we are a work in progress and have come a long way. May we clearly see the condition of our hearts, and see what you see. May we be like David, and stand naked before you pleading that you take our hearts, and give us a new one! May your Spirit create a new heart in us Jesus. We want a new heart Father! Make us more like you and let us take notice of the little foxes which may mess up our beautiful garden. In the majestic and honorable name of Jesus, Amen.



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