Devotional 4/16

I wipe away your transgressions for my own sake and remember your sins no more. Isaiah 43:25

I forgive myself, and set myself free. Louise Hay


Lord God, precious eternal father I come before you on behalf of all who may need to forgive themselves. You our Lord, our redeemer and savior, Christ Jesus died for our sins. You died once and for all, to reunite us to God the Father. You tell us in your word to love others as we love ourselves, and to forgive others so that we may be forgiven… and God may we forgive and love ourselves, in order to love others and receive love. May we receive freedom as we forgive ourselves today.

You laid on my heart the concept of self love and self forgiveness, and how we hinder ourselves in how we treat and view ourselves subconsciously. So today in obedience to your Spirit, I present our hearts to you. I plead the blood of Jesus over all who join this prayer, if there is a need in them to forgive themselves: may they receive your forgiveness and freedom to love themselves. See the source image

You revealed to me that when we lack mercy for ourselves, we lack mercy for others; and in the same way when don’t forgive ourselves, we will not easily forgive others. You have shown me Lord that this blocks your love from penetrating and filling our dark and broken souls. We do not want to block Love from our lives, because we know that Love is transformative. And the power of love, enables us and shapes us to be who you called us to be. May we see the beauty in ourselves, in the way you know us personally and transparently. I pray you help us replace negative thoughts, with quiet trust! May we have confidence in YOU and in ourselves.

Sometimes we may think that we are being holy because we punish ourselves, or lose hope in ourselves but what we need Lord is patience, and grace for this journey. I pray for those who have been merciless towards themselves, resentful, bitter, angry, degrading, violent, and abusive towards themselves. These are all manifestations of self hatred, and unforgiveness so I pray you reveal to your children where they are and which areas they must confront themselves and say “I’m sorry”.


Eternal Father, we understand that there is nothing to gain by holding things against ourselves, just like it is not good to hold something against people who have offended us. Today we deliberately open our hearts to you, and release ourselves from unforgiveness! I know you will advance and quicken the process of healing in our lives because all of your children want to sincerely move forward and be completely free to serve and rejoice in their salvation.

There are some who dwell on the past, their bad decisions and even for allowing others to treat them wrongfully, or for reacting or coping with life in a certain matter- but today I ask you to shift our hearts and minds to see our identity in you. May we no longer be defined by who we were in the past, or the thoughts that come so naturally to us. Once we’re covered by YOUR blood Jesus, You forgive us and forget! 

May we put away childish things, and put on righteousness. May we put on love, and forgive ourselves with the same urgency we recognize when needing to forgive someone else for our spiritual health. Lord Jesus help us to NEVER withhold forgiveness from ourselves or others.

Thank you for loving us unconditionally and for Your grace to move forward in life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

 See the source image




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