Devotional 4/19

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on. Raise your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea to divide the water so that the Israelites can go through the sea on dry ground. Exodus 14:15-16

Our relationship with God is more than communication. It’s about trust.

We should seek to walk in the Spirit at all times, at one pace with God: what He does we do and what He says we say. Seeking is done on purpose, like looking for something we lost. I know that we are also human, and in a matter of seconds we drift away from God, so this is why I emphasized that we need to do some deliberate seeking. A consistent walk with God cannot be made up of emotion, thrills or rewards. We must grow to trust ourselves enough, to recognize that God is the one leading us. Yes, it is good to wait on God’s confirmation but there is also a time to ACT.See the source image

When we don’t believe that God has everything under His control, we overthink, doubt and haste. It’s obvious that there is no rest in that sort of lifestyle. And the harvest from it, is becoming overwhelmed, burnt out or discouraged from the self criticism.What kind of Christian are you? I have been observing since I started walking with the Lord, and there are 4 types of Christians:

  • Christians who live however they please and avoid sacrifice and obedience. The lukewarm saint worried that they will lose their salvation.
  • Christians who spend most of their entire walk complaining, crying and wanting to give up. The persevering saint with the Israelites in the wilderness mindset.
  • Christians who use their faith to pretend to be okay: they call it ‘faithing it til they make it’. The religious saint with the pretend spirit.
  • Christians who run the race accepting its ups and downs, who serve God for who He is and are completely content and truly waiting for Jesus return. The established saint with a “To live is for Christ, and to die in Christ is gain” mentality.

Funny right? Just some things to consider. After all we’re all just trying to figure it out with God. Like Moses, God wants us to know when we need to act not seek God for confirmation on everything! I believe Moses was double minded (Israelite in the wilderness mindset): he believed God but had some issues in certain areas. These issues manifested throughout the accounts registered in the bible, and these issues hindered His entrance into the Promised Land (Side note: God didn’t send him to hell).

The lukewarm, the double minded and the religious cannot effectively and consistently be led of God because their so called beliefs do not match their behavior. This means we can go to church, read the bible, pray and fast, while also claiming to believe God but after all, not walk in the truth of God. I was telling one of my sisters in Christ, that knowing God is like knowing your mom or the closest person to you. We recognize their voice wherever we go; even if they are a hundred miles away, we know their walk, and the sound of their footsteps (I know my mom’s!). And even if they lose their voice or are muffled when speaking, we know their voice. We know their mannerisms, their character and the way they think, and we trust them. Even if someone forces them to tell us a lie or to do something, we can discern if it’s really from them or not. Although our parents don’t compare with God, He is perfect and His love is perfect: we can learn a lot from human relationships.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, my prayer is that you would grow us in KNOWING your character. I pray that we could be more on fire for you, Jesus. Touch the lukewarm, the religious, and the double minded and make us all established in you. May we all delight more in your presence, and be consistently in your word as well. I pray that you would refine with your purifying fire, and redress us with garments of praise. May our trust be in quietness. In the name which is above all names, the name of Jesus. Amen.

See the source image



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