Devotional 4/21

Are any of you suffering hardships? You should pray. Are any of you happy? You should sing praises. James 5:13

God is nearer to us than our own spirits.
Julian Norwich

Thank You father God, for giving us your Holy Spirit. You are the same Spirit which resurrected Christ from the dead, and you are the same Spirit which raises us from pits and valleys, and brings us back to life. We are honestly seeking the truth, may you guide us into all truth your Holy Spirit which is the spirit of truth!

You love our praying, dancing and singing but what we want more of you, not more of church. We need your presence Jesus. When we lose sight of you please forgive us, and live in and through us. Make Your presence known to us each day, as we weigh our options and face challenges in this temporary life.  May you do awesome and detailed things in our lives this week. Eternal Almighty Father, you are one; may we open our hearts and minds to You, may you turn our hearts to You, and keep us tuned in to you. Help us to release that which does not benefit us, and to make wise choices according to your foreknowledge. My we not depend on others to support, or confirm what you have revealed to us in secret. May we feel you power and strength as we release all thoughts, desires and preoccupations into Your hands.See the source image

You make all things new Lord, and I pray we receive the who you truly are and not who we have concluded you to be. May our testimony of you come from intimacy with you and not from hearsay, teaching or tradition. Help us to behold You as You are, and to seek you despite of what we believe in error about you. I pray you reveal yourself to those who you are still waiting to join your flock Lord God. You said your sheep know your voice, and they follow you. May those who you have and are calling hear you voice, and tremble at the time of their visitation. May the scaffolds fall from their eyes and their stony hearts be changed to a heart of flesh, to know your commands and to recognize you in all things and places. May those who are assigned to salvation, not forfeit, sabotage or sell their call and promise.

You are greater than the most powerful forces in this world, and you can move in us to do your will and to please you so I ask you to begin that work in those souls, even now God. May they receive your peace, as their souls battle with uneasiness, questions and concerns.

I pray for answers on behalf of all who are in the middle of vital decision-making, and those who are in the middle of a storm. Holy Spirit of the one true and living God, may we continue to hear your small voice. May we become those valiant men and women of God, who do not bow before other gods for whatever reason. May we all receive revelation that it is good to live here on earth because we have you, but that it is even better to live in heaven with you for always.

May we be like Shadrach, Meshac and Abednedgo who flipped the script in Babylon. May we change the atmosphere where ever you place us, may the knees that bow before other gods- bow to you, as they recognize that you are God over all.

May you search our hearts, and glorify yourself through our weaknesses. May your grace be found sufficient to our logical minds. We trust in Your power, and in your love; may we be lead quiet lives as we grow to honor your name.

Heavenly Father I present all these petitions to you in the name of Your Son, our Lord Jesus the Christ, I seal this prayer by the blood Jesus and in the power of Your Holy Spirit. Amen. See the source image


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