Devotional 4/24

Here is what I have seen to be good and fitting: to eat, to drink and enjoy oneself in all one’s labor in which he toils under the sun during the few years of his life which God has given him; for this is his reward. Ecclesiastes 5:18

Some folks are happier not being saved.
Lisa Kleypas

Being an instrument of God is a responsibility God lays on our shoulders. This can be a sensitive thing because there are people assigned to our obedience. And sometimes, as ministers of God we have to become relatable to save those who God calls. This does not have to go against your convictions or the word of God, but we cannot allow ourselves to become so spiritual that we are no earthly good. As my old pastor would say, “you can slay spiritual giants, but you can’t fry some eggs: we should not be so spiritual that we are no earthly good.” Many Christians fall into the religious cycle, of going to church, work school and home, only to do that for 50 years and call it God’s purpose. This is not God’s will for our lives!

God wants us to enjoy this life, and He brought us into this crazy world to use its things for enjoyment. Remember, God does not want us to love this life, nor love the things of this world but He certainly wants us to enjoy it. In this world we have movies, museums, theme parks, shopping malls, restaurants, live events, conferences and many other things which do not involve God, but these same ‘ungodly’ things are meant for our enjoyment! God knows the intention of our hearts, and He also knows the desires He placed in us. And if God placed desires in us, why would He have us go through life unfulfilled? God is holy, but our desires do not have to be sensitive subjects for God. See the source image

We may not be of the world, but did Jesus not turn water into a wine? Was Jesus not in a wedding? We may not be of the world, but didn’t Jesus learn carpentry? Did He not have friends? Did He not eat and drink? Jesus lived His life as a man, in this world. We must also be aware that we are to eat from the fruit of our labor. The apostle Paul was a minister, but he was also a tentmaker. God does not call all people to be pastors, or full time ministers. We too should know that we can work anywhere, and study whatever we’d like because  You are in this world, do not forget that.

We are free to listen to what we want, go where we desire, drink and eat what we please and even do as we please when it is done in wisdom. Wisdom is knowing what to do with the knowledge you have. We should know the word of God and know how to apply it, which is then wisdom: and wisdom is the fear of God. We know that God is a Jealous God, He is holy and has set us apart but we must also embrace that we are in the world. Knowing that something is an abomination, a trespass or an unfaithful act: then we will not entertain it, this is wisdom. For example, the Lord is not going to condemn us to hell for watching worldly movies, TV shows or listening to music.

The Lord is offended when we worship, and minister the profane. He cares of what we are transmitting to others. We are representatives of Christ, we are the true Jehovah Witnesses: His called and chosen sons and daughters. So let’s say I sing about sex, money and drugs (just for fun), yet I am assigned to bring salvation or healing into your life: will you receive Christ from my mix with the world? If something makes your heart draw to God, it is most likely of God. If it makes you think of something else (even if it’s a good thing), it is not of God because it is of the world (flesh or Satan). So we must be thoughtful, of what we are ministering to others and doing around the weak-minded, the religious or babes in the faith.

Let’s pray:

Lord God, you are good and you are closer to us than a brother. I love your faithfulness, and your all knowing power. I feel led to pray according to Romans 14, and so God I pray that we as Christians would accept those whose faith is weak, or childish. I pray that when we disagree, we would agree to disagree on any topic. I pray for those who have convictions about eating and drinking, being vegetarian, having wine, choices of entertainment or even concerning the Sabbath; may you allow us all to be humble before the other.  May we remember that we are accepted in you, and that we are not to judge one another because you will lead us into all truth regardless. You are the Lord who is able to make us stand. May we be convinced in our own minds, and not impose our beliefs on others. May we serve others, but also release them in making the choice to receive from us. May all things we do reflect back to you Lord, and bring praise to your name. If we live, may we live for you Lord; and if we die, may we die for you Lord. Because whether we live or die, we belong to you Lord. May we be prepared and found blameless in your sight when it is time to give an account of ourselves to you Jehovah. And finally Jesus, may we not be stumbling blocks or obstacles for anyone, believer and unbeliever alike: cause a desire and will in us to do what leads to peace and to edification. In the matchless name of Jesus, Amen. See the source image











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