Devotional 4/30

I give praise to God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So with my mind I am a servant to the law of God, but with my flesh to the law of sin. Romans 7:25

Listening can occur only after we’ve become quiet, after we’ve stopped talking, even to ourselves.

If you are ever questioning your walk with God, let me remind you: God speaks to our hearts, not our minds, nor our flesh. The scripture says that we serve the Lord by abiding to the scriptures with our minds, not our bodies. The reason why we can abide to the law of God is because our minds are logical and rational, and can relate to order and regulations. Many people become religious, because they can be obedient to the Bible with their minds- but not with their hearts. Godliness is not something we can grasp with our minds, since the mind cannot experience God. The mind is responsible for consciousness, rationale and order, while the mind of the flesh has a self pleasing agenda.

The mind compartmentalizes everything, as it makes sense of life events and experiences. It wants to organize everything and make sure that we are safe. This is why some people, like me, can begin to freak out in a messy room. And why others go in anxiety tantrums when their lives seem to have too much going on at one time. And others never take risks: their minds tell them it is not safe. Honestly, the mind complicates things and makes it almost impossible to have faith.If you are losing faith, it’s because you are in your mind and not in love. Faith is necessary to dream, to hope, to act and to stand: faith is necessary to believe in our selves and in God as well.

The mind cannot contain God, but the heart holds a place for Him. When we are still and quiet, in silence we can hear profound things prompted through and from our hearts. With the heart we listen, and also make decisions, because it can discern complicated things, in comparison to the logical mind which organizes things.

The Lord warns us about the wickedness of our own hearts and how evil deeds are birthed because of what is in our hearts. But our hearts, once infiltrated with love, can tell us inexplicable things like our callings, our spouses, our best friends and as I said help us to make other decisions vital to our lives. Even the prophetic utterances, the encouraging words, and all forms of good works that are given by God come from our hearts: God’s prompting in our hearts.

The Lord may be prompting you to leave a relationship, or start a relationship meanwhile your eyes cannot see why. He may be calling you to start a new ministry, that does not exist in your church or create a new position in the organization and people may not understand where you are coming from. Or maybe your heart is telling you to switch majors or to leave that job, and you can’t help but to think of your finances. Trust God’s leading, allow Him to speak to your heart.

If you search your heart, and truly look within yourselves… do you love God with your whole heart? Can God trust your heart?

Let’s pray:

Lord God, thank you for our bodies, souls, and spirits. I thank you that we are living and well. I pray that we learn to trust our instincts and know to discern your voice from our own. May we also listen to our inner voice, just as the instincts of animals lead them to nurture themselves and become all that they were created to be. I also ask Lord that if we are led astray by our hearts, that you may move sovereignty in our lives. We know that you have given us your word, our senses, our logical minds, our hearts, our intuition and also your Holy Spirit to lead us through life: but if we ever are led astray by any of these mediums I pray you would take action on our behalf. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen!


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