Devotional 5/2

Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. Romans‬ ‭8:37‬

You’re an overcomer, don’t give up: stay in the fight ’til the final round. You’re not going under, cause God is holding you right now. Mandisa

As I meditated on the Lord this morning, I considered saying Yes to Jesus. Would I still say yes? If you could restart your walk with God, and were given the opportunity… what would you do differently?

I asked a few of my brothers and sisters in Christ and the responses varied:

  • I would be more disciplined in terms of self control. I still struggle with the same things I did when I first began a relationship with God. I didn’t give it much importance. But I should’ve seeked deliverance way earlier.
  • Not work as much in the church
  • I would learn to say No to certain opportunities to minister without having to give an explanation.
  • I would be bold, confident, and fearless when it comes to people, and relationships
  • I would have avoided relationships with gossipers
  • I would have addressed unbelief in myself sooner
  • I would have looked for ways to enjoy the journey, instead of focusing on the finish line
  • When God says Do/Go, I would obey without hesitation
  • I would like to have been more vocal about my struggles as a Christian, and not have kept things to myself, because it wasted my time. I could’ve been breaking strongholds over my life instead of feeing helpless and powerless.
  • I also would’ve liked to have been less fearful
  • I would’ve trusted God more
  • I would’ve not had fear because I know my calling (liberation).
  • I wouldn’t have prayed for a husband, but only focus on God.

In essence the recurring theme between us all is the need to have faith, not fear and self control. Our inability to trust God is rooted in fear, which is lack of faith. Lack of faith causes disobedience, stagnation and hindrance. Even though overcoming fear is something that envelops different techniques and choices, it also requires retraining our minds which is SELF CONTROL.

What we believe creates behavior, so we all do have faith. We have faith in fear, or in the love of God. Fear can only be overcome by love. Faith is dead without actions: Faith looks like something. We either act like we are afraid, or act like we have faith. It is also vital to assess your self and know where your fear is rooted. And the only way to uproot this planting, is to pinpoint the seed that was planted. I will give some examples and what they generally look like:

  • Fear of death: looks like anxiety, paranoia, and self harming vices
  • Fear of rejection: looks like avoidance, awkward anti social tendencies, and overthinking
  • Fear of abandonment: looks like avoiding genuine emotional intimacy, clinginess and rushing into love or moving on to next relationship
  • Fear of uncertainty: looks like stress, self medication and anger

Remember our testimonies are built on our perseverance withGod, not our perfection. Trial and error builds our faith in ourselves, and in God. My self expertise on this subject of deliverance is what I’ve taught others since becoming a Christian. I found a whole world in confronting my issues with Holy Spirit, the Bible and self development. I am writing a book, and hopefully the world will benefit from this material coming soon. God bless you all, remember we are over-comers in Christ.

Let’s pray:

Father God, I thank you for the progress and each process that have shaped us and raised us up in you. I pray that you lord would increase our convictions pertaining your perfect love and the power of that love to defeat fear. May our faith be confronted and increased. And may we believe in our own power to overcome and persevere in life. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.


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