Devotional 5/6

… Then all the churches will know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds. Revelation 2:23

Lukewarm people love others, but do not seek to love others as much as they love themselves.
Francis Chan

Lord God, mighty Lord, the faithful one I come before you to present those people who are lukewarm, and even if it applies to me, I include myself. You know our deeds, and only you know whether we are hot or cold. Ofcourse you desire that we were one of the two, like the movie scene in War Room; lukewarm coffee is spit out!

Forgive us, if we in some way we have become self sufficient. If we have somehow in our hearts became indifferent with you works, or accustomed to your power and miracles, or if somehow we have cease to seek you for help. If there is a chance that we have become too independent for your liking, show us how to realign ourselves. If we have come to a place where we believe to not need you God, please forgive us, we really are wretched, blind, poor and naked in this world without you. See the source image

I pray for your direction, to be able to follow your advise: you want us to buy gold from you, refined gold that has been tested in the fire. You also ask us to buy new clothes from you, white and spotless clothing to cover our shameful nakedness; and you also advise us to buy and use some eye salve so that we can see correctly!

We know that you are just and holy, and we also know you as a loving father- and he who loves also disciplines. Guard our hearts from anger and from deception. May we repent, may we hear your voice and your knock at the door. May we actually draw close to you, even through the corrections and in the midst of rebellion, or sin. May we obtain the victory Lord, even while it looks like the end of the story for us.

We know that you take into account our good deeds, our love, our service and faith and perseverance and how others of us may have even increased in service. But we have been tolerable toward erroneous and seductive teaching, and worldliness. We take songs of the world and add Christian lyrics to them, we dress and think like the world; we like astrology, quantum physics, horoscopes, and we declare and decree things as if we are God, and you are not. We have even misled others by telling them that you are a God of love, when you are also a consuming fire and a dreadful God. I have even seen spiritual opinions become doctrines, and lead people into sexual freedom (immorality), like God telling a woman that her husband is somebody else husband- or that it is okay to have sex before marriage because they have been ordained by God to be married anyhow. I have seen idol worship and even ritualistic practices, like those churches who have allowed free masonry teachings into their altars, and those other churches who have united with one God religions… Lord have mercy on us all.

You have given us, your people, time to repent of our immorality, but we may be unwilling. We may feel stuck, a loss cause or straight up enjoying sin, only you know our hearts. But I ask you to have mercy once again Lord, have mercy on us and draw us back to you by your ropes of love not of destruction. Keep our families safe Lord, may they not reap from our wrongful deeds. We recognize that you are He, who searches the hearts and minds, and I will repay each of us according to your deeds.

Help us to hold on to what we have until You come Jesus. In your most holy name I pray, Yeshua Hamashiach.

See the source image




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