Devotional 5/9

If we believe not, yet He remains faithful: He cannot deny himself. 2 Timothy 2:13

Let God be true but every man a liar”, is the language of true faith.

A. W Tozer

Have you ever found yourself searching for the blind faith you once had? Where did you leave it? When did you lose it? We teach this subject a lot, but it’s necessary to remember the devil’s agenda and devices. The enemy is after our faith, and God is after our hearts. Although many diminish or refute the power of the enemy, the Bible says that the enemy will deceive even the elect- by his signs and wonders. Satan is powerful, he’s tactful and knows how to use all of the resources available to him. He works through the air channels, just like WiFi, radio waves and electricity: so why do we assume that everything we think and feel is from us or God, let’s use wisdom and apply discernment.

The enemy uses devices of projection. When he wants us to believe that we are sick, his darts manifest in our bodies as aches and pains, or illness. He uses fiery darts like depression, discouragement (lack of confidence) and his greatest weapon, fear. And uses his power to oppress us and eventually debilitate us to the point of stealing, killing and destroying our faith.

Oppress: to press down

In the Bible Paul speaks of a 3rd heaven, and God basically prohibits him from speaking fully on the things he saw and experienced. The enemy’s power centers are also in heaven, the world calls it the underworld, just like it mentioned in the book of Daniel- where principalities in heaven blocked a prayer from being answered. But we are too in heavenly places, because our Spirit is now with Christ.

The air which Satan controls are channels broadcast through the air. Mediums: radio, music, tv, movies, etc. So we must take authority over the airwaves, even those conversations around us which we are not consciously aware of but are being received by our subconscious minds. Even though I dislike being overly Spiritual, we must respect the laws of the spirit realm because they are real and Satan believes that more than us because he works with them.

The spirit world is so real that even the world perceives and acknowledges it: they call it vibes, energy, auras and vibrations. The church is not even well learned in things pertaining to the Spiritual realm. We tend to be so preoccupied with our dogmas, orderly routines and range of authority that we push aside the mighty power of Holy Spirit within the church building.

Praise welcomes the spirit of God, who is the consuming fire and the also the comforter. Whenever God is in the place, He makes His presence felt. When God moves us by His spirit He brings deliverance, meaning healing, meaning salvation, meaning freedom. Although we cannot see with our natural eyes, Holy Spirit fills us to break chains, loosen strongholds of oppression, to bring healing, restoration, clarification and/or conviction. This is the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead. Even when we are faithless, God remains faithful and continues working. Whenever I find myself in a place of unbelief, I ask God to help my unbelief but I also tell Him “whatever you say God, you are not man that you should lie: that’s Your reputation, that’s your name’s sake You are putting on the line“. It sounds pretty tough, to talk to God like that…. but when you’ve done all you can to stand firm in the faith, you reach the point of choosing to believe even when you can’t believe: by faith I believe YOU, God.

Today I want you to think about your faith. Think about the enemy’s devices: thoughts he maneuvered into your subconscious, ideas in your logical mind and even double mindedness in your heart. Are they greater than your faith in God? Is the enemy greater than the one who lives in you? Is the one who is in the world greater than He who is in you?

Let’s pray:

Lord God, all powerful and mighty king, son of righteousness. May you be exalted here in heaven, may your kingdom come. I present us to you, and all that is against us, the world and all of its influence. May your power be greater in us, than the powers against us. May we see like Elijah, those chariots of Fire which fought beside him when he was afraid of a human army. May we see your mercy even in our faithlessness. And lord may your love debunk all fear from our minds and hearts. I pray this for all those of the faith, and those who are still missing from your flock. May we all hear your voice and follow you and not be led by the projections of Satan. I plead the blood of Jesus over every area that has been attacked, and by your Spirit bring to remembrance your word which is the sword of the Spirit, which is a double edged sword penetrating deep in our entire beings. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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