Devotional 5/28

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints. Ephesians 6:18

I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had no where else to go. My own wisdom and that all, about me, seemed insufficient for that day.
Abraham Lincoln

The bible tells us to pray, to fast, to intercede for others and to pray in agreement with others. Even though we are taught to talk to God, we should be taught to spend time with the Lord: to talk to, to wait on and to listen to the Lord.But how do we really pray anyhow? The four types are: adoration, thanksgiving, confession and supplication/petition. Remember, we pray in general for ourselves and for others (intercession) for spiritual covering (protection), guidance, forgiveness, wisdom for decision making, strategies to expand the kingdom of God and for the salvation of souls. See the source image

We need to work out to strengthen and build muscles; prayer is like building muscle. Nobody builds muscles overnight, and sometimes it takes longer than we hoped for to develop a habit. But once consistency is established, then it is hard to get out of the routine. The only time we may most definitely fall out of our exercise routine is when we suffer an injury, and in the Spirit, an injury is along the lines of disobedience (lifestyle of sin). We all have shortcomings in one way or another, and this causes us to become weary. But we must not allow our behavior, or circumstances define who we are. We should not hide from God when we feel guilty, or when we lose the desire to be with Him or to attend church. This is when we press in to the place of rest, where we hide in God’s sovereign power like a baby cuddles in his mother or father’s arms.

God fights for those who do not have the filling of the Holy Spirit, and may not have been baptized with the gift of tongues. Even when we are at a loss of words, if we press in to the spirit; the spirit of God can and will usher us to pray in the power of God. For those who have been baptized in the spirit, you have a companion who wants to cosign with you in prayer. He steps in and prays for you, according to God’s perfect will. The beautiful thing about our heavenly father, is that He knows us profoundly. he knows every detail of our personality and character, and He prays for us according to who we are and according to what He has pre-ordained for us. We give God glory for His OMNISCIENCE. We don’t have to worry because God is taking care of the details. He is already working on our testimony, while we are failing the tests. He is the All Powerful, Almighty and All Knowing God. He’s always working, relax… He’s got you.

Sometimes when it seems that things are falling apart is when God is putting them together according to His purpose. 

Way maker, Miracle worker, promise keeper/ Light in the darkness/
That is who you are, that is who you are/
You wipe away all tears, you mend the broken heart/
You are the answer to it all, Jesus/ 
Even when I don’t see it, you’re working/
Even when I don’t feel it, You’re working/
You never stop, You never stop working/
(Way maker, Sinach)

Let’s pray:

Jehovah, you are our good Father. We come before to ask for mercy and grace. We need the strength, the desire and the grace to seek you with all of our hearts. And your mercy to go on. I know that even if we don’t speak in tongues, you hear our moans, groans, our deep sighs, the whimpers, and you hear words even in our tears. I know you fight for us even when we cannot figure out a way to come before your throne. You are the way maker, and so God I ask you to make a way for us all. Take hold of those with broken focus, sin in their lives, and those who are distracted. fight for those who have been violated in any way, and those who carry around shame. In the name of jesus I ask you all these things. Amen.

See the source image





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