Devotional 6/2

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. Matthew 24:12

Every fresh act of sin lessens fear; and remorse hardens the hearts, blunts the edge of our conscious and increases our evil inclinations.

J.C Ryle

This people of world is identified by its lawlessness, while the people of God are to be identified by holiness (separation from the world). I’ve always wondered why the Bible uses different words for sin: iniquity, transgression and trespass are seen as different levels of disobedience and therefore punishment from God.

We have been taught that all sin is the same, but God understands each sin individually. All disobedience is sin, but there are different types of sin:

  • Sins from defiance and rebellion (carnality)
  • Sins of omission (not doing what you know is the right thing to do)
  • Sins of iniquity (continuing sin)
  • Sins of transgression (breaking the law)

We have a choice to repent, or to continue in sin, and continuing in sin created in us a hardened heart. David committed covetousness, fornication and murder when he slept with Bathsheba. At first covetousness caused David to lust over Bathsheba, then he had Uriah her husband killed. The effects of this lawless behavior caused David’s heart to become hardened.

In Hebrew, iniquity means guilt worthy of punishment. It is premeditated, and continuing sin, which eventually gets worse. When we allow sin to become a lifestyle, it is iniquity. It tells God that we prefer sin over Him: and He then, can give us over to a reprobate mind. A mind that cannot repent or even see the wrong in its actions.

When we look all around us, we can easily that the heart of many people is hardened. It is easy for so many people to kill, abort, lie, steal, betray and do so much more evil things and the Bible’s answer is that sin has increased, causing the love of many to grow cold. Many people function from a place of hurt and therefore hurt others, but this is not God’s way. God’s way is to love: to love Him and to love others.

The Lord knows why and how you fell into sin, as small or as great as you may see it. But He also knows how to work it out for your good. We cannot understand the mercy of God, and we cannot either understand or calculate the justice of God. Every sin has some sort of price, so let’s guard our hearts. God forgives all sin, including iniquity but if death or the return of the Lord catches us unaware we will reap the wages of sin, which is eternal death (separation from God).

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, I know you deal with each of us individually and your will is not that we perish or bring shame to your name. I pray you help us all to lean closer to you, in order to guard our hearts. Give us all courage, faith and the desire to repent in Jesus name, amen.


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