Devotional 6/3

How often they disobeyed Him in the wilderness and grieved Him in the desert. Psalm 78:40

Being anointed doesn’t stop you from being hungry.
T.D Jakes

Times of wilderness are usually unpleasant, even if the before and after are glorious. The wilderness is a testing ground to see whether or not we can handle the Promised Land; as was with the Lord Jesus. Along with discomfort, testing, and silence from God we usually experience discouragement, spiritual attacks and intense temptation. Nonetheless, it is God’s plan to test us in a dry, barren, desolate, uninhabited, hostile place.

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Aside of building our faith and purifying our hearts… our flesh tends to overwhelm us and makes demands from us. Satan knows that the flesh is weak, and that we desire relief. Like the Lord Jesus, and even the Israelites we end up facing different things, like:

  • Rebellion 
  • Complaint
  • Loss of Focus (distraction)
  • Neglect
  • Pride
  • Feeling of loss
  • Loneliness
  • Confusion about God’s character
  • Anger/Frustration
  • Self victimization

God tells us what will come, and sometime in December the Lord told me I would enter a wilderness parallel to the Lord Jesus before ministry. God allows this time of testing for our own benefit. The trials reveal our hearts to ourselves, and to God. Whether we pass or fail the tests, we can see what is in our hearts, and address any issues. The Israelites failed their test, but Jesus passed His.

The Israelites failed the test; so they had to take the same tests again and again. They were not giving God the correct responses, meaning they knew the material but they had not really learned the lessons God wanted them to know.

The Lord was filled with the Holy Spirit, after baptism and public praise from God the Father and 40 days of fasting. Yet the Spirit took Him into the wilderness. I should mention that other than the presence of Holy Spirit, the Lord Jesus also had the angels minister to Him. It’s always good to study Christ’s response in the wilderness:

Jesus had human hunger (desire) but His conviction was in living according to God’s word and Presence. We can have a lot of earthly material, success and all types of human pleasure- but without the presence of God, it will not be enough to satisfy. Satan asked the Lord to prove that the word of God was true. This was Satan’s attempt to deceive the Lord, and have Him die before crucifixion. But instead the Lord Jesus said I will not test the Lord to prove to you that God’s word is true! I know God’s word is true, and you do too Satan! If we know God’s word says something, we cannot and must not switch the interpretation to suit us or justify our situation. And finally Satan intended to steal the Lord identity and to deceive the Lord (yet again). Jesus Christ is the Lord of lords, all power and dominion was given to Him in heaven and also on the earth. The Lord is also the Lord of the nations, and the world’s government is upon His shoulders! Satan could not give the Lord anything that was not His to begin with! The Lord refused to take a shortcut to His destiny, He knew who He was.

Will we pass our tests? I hope so.

Let’s pray:

Lord God, thank you for getting me through struggles in my life. We do not want to think according to the flesh, because it is contrary to who you are. I rebuke all deceptive voices, telling us things that satisfy our fleshly minds. And I ask you to increase our wisdom and discernment to know your voice, and to know your will in every situation. May we pass every test that comes our way. Your word says you give us the desire to do you will and pleasure, may you increase our desire to follow after you while in the dry or messy places of our lives. Help us to lay aside any weight and any sin, that may cause us to fail. May our attitudes reflect love, hope and faith during every season of our lives. In Jesus name, Amen.  

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